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Alien Gear Holsters H&K VP40 Review

The charging handles are an inspired touch; racking the slide is intuitive, easy and blindingly fast. The serrations are grippy, so you can get a good purchase on the slide with gloves and in almost any condition.

The polymer frame doesn’t feel “cheap” in the same way that so many other polymer pistols do; the plastic feels like it’s a higher quality. Maybe it isn’t, but it just feels that way.

The grip is very comfortable, and the palm swell is very reminiscent of Walther pistols…which is to say it feels pretty darn good. The backstrap and slight undercut let you get a good high grip. Maybe not quite custom 1911 with beavertail grip safety high, but as close as it otherwise gets.

The sights are white dot, which some people may poo-poo but they are very usable for white dots. Targets are quickly acquired and they are easily picked up by the eye.

It’s nose heavy, but not overly so. Fully loaded, the VP40 is very nicely balanced indeed.

At last, we come to the trigger. The VP9 and VP40 trigger is considered by many to be the finest factory trigger on any poly-striker gun, full-stop. It has smooth take-up and a crisp, clean break. Reset is short, tactile and audible. There are guns costing twice as much that don’t have a trigger as nice as the VP40 and VP9.

However, that amazing trigger and all the features come at a price, which is – namely – the price. Which is a lot more than many other striker guns. The typical Glock 22 or Glock 23 is somewhere between $450 to $600 in most stores; the typical S&W M&P40 is closer to $500. A Canik TP9 is usually had for $350 or less.

The VP40, however, has an MSRP of $719. You can expect to pay about $600 to $650 in stores. Night sights and three factory mags can be had for an extra $100…which is actually a bargain because H&K absolutes loves to rake customers over the financial coals for new magazines. They go for $50 per.

But, is the VP40 worth an extra $100 or so over the others? There isn’t any one feature on the VP40 that you can’t live without, and plenty of guns that cost less in sticker shoot about as well.

If you asked the guy writing this, I, personally, would save up for this gun over an XD, Glock or P320 .40 caliber because you get a lot of cool features for not that much more in sticker in the broad strokes; it’s hardly the difference in sticker between a Hi Point and a Colt Gold Cup. If you told me I had to go get a poly-framed striker gun in 10mm Light, this is the one I’d come home with.

However, that’s terribly subjective. You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. Go hold one and fire one and see for yourself, as you’re going to be the best judge in that instance.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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