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Taurus G2S Review by Alien Gear Holsters

The Taurus G2S shares a 3.25-inch barrel with the G2C and both are chambered in 9mm. Previously, a PT140 G2 and PT740 G2 were available in .40 S&W. None are available in that chambering at the moment, but Taurus’s website mentions a .40 S&W model, so it’s likely coming. You can get a black or stainless steel slide.

Like the G2C, the G2S features several textured areas around the grip, which feel a bit sandpapery but aren’t uncomfortable against the skin. Grippy, without acting like a rasp. The finger rest and thumb relief cuts – which many find to be a pleasant feature on the G2C – aka The Artist Formerly Known As The PT111 G2 – are present as well.

The slide is very similar in appearance, though the G2S has a slight melt on the vertical face of the business end of the slide rather than the top. The sights are the same three-dot units, a combat rear ramp and front blade, both dovetailed so they are driftable if needs be. Just like the “Compact” model, there is a 1913 rail for lights/lasers.

Magazine capacity is 7+1 of 9mm. It isn’t known for sure if the G2S takes the same magazines as the PT709 Slim, but it’s conceivable that it might. However, the G2S does have a slight pinky rest so it may not.

The slimmer magazine means reduced width as well, though not by an enormous margin. Overall dimensions are 6.25 inches long by 4.8 inches tall by 1.1 inches wide. Unloaded weight is 20.25 ounces, putting it basically inline with similar pistols like the M&P Shield, Glock 43 and so on.

Controls are left-side only. There is a manual safety, which you can choose to carry with engaged or not. You’ll need to run the slide release to operate the pistol as the slide locks back on an empty magazine, so no sling-shots here. The magazine release is low-profile but useable.

The trigger has double-strike capacity. Taurus bills them as DA/SA…but they aren’t, because they’re striker-fired. It’s more that the “DA” trigger mode half-cocks and trips the striker, and the “SA” mode has a ¾-cock. Trigger pulls have barely any takeup at all, with a sudden stack and break at the end. In “DA” mode, the stack occurs about ⅝ of the way through the trigger pull.

MSRP is $316.89, but paying that much in-store would be shocking. $250 or a little less is more like it. But is it worth it?

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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