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Remington RP9 Review by Alien Gear Holsters

You’ll have to do your own shooting Remington RP9 review to see if it shoots how YOU like it, as with any pistol. The heavy slide soaks up recoil and helps tame muzzle flip. When gripped high and tight, the bore axis is very low indeed, much like a CZ-75 or similar pistol, so it’s very controllable.

The RP9 is capable of greater accuracy than you’d believe in a sub-$400 gun. If you do your job right, this pistol will reward you with tighter groups than you’d think the price point was capable of.

That said…there are a couple of points where this gun might be left behind by other models…though that may not be a problem. Let’s get into that.

The plastic of the frame feels cheap and there’s no way to dress that up. Is that really a problem, though? No, not really; this isn’t a custom-shop gun and expecting it to be would be idiotic. Then again, the plastic frames of a LOT of poly striker guns feel cheap in this regard, even those commanding double (or more) in sticker. We won’t name names, of course, but the point here is that it’s a known quantity; if you’re getting into a big striker pistol, you should be prepared for this aspect.

The Achilles’ Heel of the gun, though, is the trigger. While it breaks around 5 lbs – give or take of course – it has the feel of oatmeal made with too much water. There’s a break in there, and a short, audible and tactile reset, but you can barely feel anything other than a faint, dull “click.” Not that it doesn’t work, of course (it does) but it feels plastic, numb and mushy. That said, it does travel smoothly, so it isn’t gritty or dirty, but it lacks a certain tactility.

Then again…the same can be said of other poly striker guns that cost double or more in sticker. The segment as a whole is known for lackluster factory go-pedals in many cases, though exceptions – Walther, H&K – do exist. If you want a crisp, clean break in a factory gun, it’s usually 1911 or bust anyhow. You’ll make it work, but you won’t really feel anything there.

With that all said though…

The Remington RP9 makes a fantastic range, home defense or truck gun. No question there. You get 18+1 capacity, a very comfortable feel and it’s more accurate than the price tag suggests it should be. It’s a bit large for daily carry, though there are folks that carry a Glock 17, M&P or even Sig P226 on the daily (that aren’t police officers and therefore have the choice not to) and make it work, so you could if you wanted to.

In the end, it’s actually a great budget gun. The trigger isn’t great, but is far from the worst out there. However, it’s actually attractive to look at all things considered, has generous capacity and – again – if you do your job, you’ll be surprised at how accurate cheap and cheerful can be. Overall, a great buy at its price point.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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