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Sig P365 Review by Alien Gear Holsters

The dimensions and capacity were mentioned above, so let’s walk through everything else for this Sig P365 review.

The grip is slim but comfortable, with a nice palmswell at the back much like a bevy of other pistols. There are no backstraps, but rather the P365 has three textured panels that are grippy without being raspy, like those we found in our CZ P10C review. There is an undercut the trigger guard and a thumb relief on both sides of the grip. The short shelf of the end of the slide doesn’t allow for the highest of grips, but such is the nature of micro/subcompact pistols. There’s also a bump on the front of the grip, which is almost kinda-sorta like a finger groove but not entirely.

Controls are left-side only, though the magazine release button can be swapped to the right side for southpaws. The release catch is a triangular button, though it doesn’t travel perfectly horizontally. It travels down and into the gun, which takes a few minutes to get used to but isn’t terrifically complicated. You also have a slide release and a takedown lever, and that’s it.

The frame has a rail for mounting accessories, though it is a proprietary design instead of a standard rail, which would be too large. Thus, a laser or light must be Sig P365-compatible. Do make sure to check first.

The slide has fore and aft slanted serrations, with an external extractor that serves as a loaded chamber indicator. There is also a witness hole at the rear of the barrel on top of the slide as well. Sig Sauer’s XRAY3 day/night sights sit at the front and back, and both are drift-adjustable. They are low-profile, but quite useable. The slide is slightly beveled for a smooth draw but still having Sig Sauer aesthetics.

The barrel is matte stainless steel, and a dual captive recoil spring steel guide rod. That makes a difference, as perceived recoil from the P365 belies the light weight and diminutive size. It’s rated for +P ammunition, though whether you’d use +P in a “micro compact” is up to you.

The trigger is a nesting design with an outer hull and inner blade, so it does have a two-piece trigger design. This gives you the standard three passive safety system found on many striker guns. The trigger itself has a light pull – usually around 5.5 pounds, yours may be more or less – and smoothish travel which is a touch on the long side and a decent break with a bit of stacking.

Is it the best go-pedal in the world? No, but it’s not bad either.

MSRP is $599, but you’ll find it for more like $500 in stores.

Is it worth it?!

Pretty much! Build quality is solid. The capacity for the size is unmatched. You get night sights as standard, which is unusual. It’s comfortable to hold, more comfortable to shoot than the size would suggest, and more accurate than you’d think to boot.

For me, personally, I would carry it only with the 12-round magazine if I were to buy one. It’s too small for my hands otherwise, though you may either not care about that or have daintier mitts so it fits you better. It is by all accounts an excellent pistol; you could not go wrong buying one.

Get out there and pick one up! Handle one. Shoot one. If it tickles your fancy, if you’re accurate with it and you feel like it’s the gun for you, get it! If you don’t, that’s fine too. There are plenty of great pistols out there. The Sig P365 is certainly one of them.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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