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.357 Magnum Concealed Carry: When Anything Not Magnum Won't Do

So, let’s say that you were fine with the abuse and wanted a .357 Magnum revolver for concealed carry. What should you look for?

There are a couple of different viewpoints on this. One school holds that you should get a medium-frame revolver optimized for concealed carry, like a round-butt K-frame or L-frame with a shorter barrel. They’re a bit on the heavy and large side (about the size of a Sig P226) but are concealable and carryable enough.

The other school of thought is to just grin and bear it with a J-frame or other small-frame gun shooting a magnum round. Not everyone wants to carry a Ruger GP100 or SP1011.

Plenty of pistols fitting both descriptions are available. Small revolvers, such as the Ruger LCR/LCRx and the S&W J-frame, abound in .357 Magnum with many different features like DAO firing systems, integrated Crimson Trace lasers, lightweight alloy frames; the number of features are too large to keep listing.

Compact medium-frame revolvers typically feature a slightly shorter grip frame, rounded in the back (the butt of the frame) for easier concealment as well as a shorter barrel, typically 2 to 3 inches. Besides taming recoil a little better, these pistols also feature full-length extractors, which makes a big difference when it comes to ejecting magnum shells.

Make sure that the pistol fits your hand well, as fitment for the shooter is crucial for any potent potable handgun. It is highly advised that you try before you buy, as a lot of shooters have gotten a compact magnum only to find out that they hate it and get rid of the thing a year or two later.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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