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Guns of John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

We just got our first real look at footage from John Wick 3: Parabellum via its first trailer…and it looks awesome!!

Check out the trailer above and then see what we were able to parse out about the guns from all the quick-cut trailer footage.

The movie picks up right where the second one left off, with John in New York City, having just broken the Continental’s most paramount rule by killing a man on protected ground. Now, he has been declared “excommunicato,” a $14M bounty has been put on his head, and the best assassins from all over the world will be coming for him.

Plus, he doesn’t have the services and gear from the assassin’s guild to fall back on. He’s truly on his own.

The first gun we see is a handgun John picks up from a table where its arranged with a row of loaded magazines. It looks to be some kind of custom double-stack 1911 with a stippled grip and a flared magwell. The slide has some interesting contours and cuts, but I can’t positively identify it by sight.

In the first movie, John preferred the H&K P30L and the Glock 26 as a backup. In the second one, he went with a TTI custom Glock 34 and a custom Glock 26, and it looks like he still favors the Austrian pistols.

Here were see him aiming what looks to be a Glock 19 pistol that may have some kind of red dot optic mounted to the slide.

It also looks like John uses a G34 for similar to the one he had in Part 2…we can see the distinctive slide cut on the top in this photo, though the pistol in this scene definitely only has iron sights.

And then we got this human shield badassery:

We see John twice with what looks to be a pistol-caliber AR carbine, possibly from TTI. The trailer includes a shot of John coming through a vault door holding the gun so that we can clearly see two joined, double stack magazines loaded in the gun.

In another shot, we see John firing the gun and that its now loaded with a single clear double stack mag. It’s fitted with a reflex sight and a full length Keymod handguard with a full length top rail.

Not only is it good for shooting, Wick manages to throw the empty gun at a bad guy, hit him in the head, and knock him off his feet.

We also see John Wick deal with some bladed weapons. During a particularly interesting scene, a bad guy throws a knife at John when he’s sitting on the ground where it strikes and sticks right between his legs. John then pulls the knife out of the ground and throws it back at the guy. He dodged it with some kind of crazy ninja fall, but it hits another dude behind him square in the chest. It’s so smooth it deserved a gif.

Wick also does some motorcycle riding for the first time in the series (Keanu Reeves is a big motorcycle guy in real life) and we see him draw a katana when approached by a gang of what look to be ninja assassins on their own bikes.

It’s unclear if the motorcycle scene is related to this scene, but John Wick also shoots a biker from horseback. A behind the scene photo of this stunt was one of the first official shots from the movie that was circulated.

Halle Berry joins the series in this third film playing a new character, Sofia, who from the limited dialog in the trailer we can surmise has some kind of assassin partner past with John.

She looks to also prefer the Glock G34 pistol, but hers clearly has a red dot sight.

Here’s another shot of Sofia with her pistol, the red dot sight clearly visible. The character also appears to have two attack German Shepherds who do her bidding…which is pretty darn cool.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum hits theaters on May 17.

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