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A Guide To The Glock Slimline Pistols: The Glock 43X and Glock 48

So, one of the other things you should know about the Glock Slimline pistols share the same frame. If you take the slide off the 43X, you can put on the Glock 48 slide and the thing will work.

The Sig P320 isn’t the only modular pistol in town! Ha ha ha ha!

That wasn’t the intention, but it’s the case anyhow that both slides work on the same frame. No matter which one you buy, you get the same grip, frame and magazine. The slide and barrel length are the only difference.

These pistols also share the Glock 43 and 42’s firing pin block system, which is different (and smaller) than the parts found on the rest of Glock’s lineup. The trigger system is also based on the 42/43. Like the Gen 5 Glock pistols, the 43X and 48 also lack the second cross pin above the trigger guard and do not have finger grooves. The grip, however, has the same palm swell as the 43 though it is extended a further 0.8 inches.

The new Slimline 01 magazine is basically a fat single-stack magazine. If you look at one, it has the tapered look of a double-stack magazine but the rounds stack vertically. It’s wider than the single-stack magazine of the 43, but there’s a reason for this. Merely extended the 43 another 0.8 inches wouldn’t allow 4 additional rounds; it would be more like 3 at best. The magazine design allows for 10+1 capacity.

The Sig fanboys are probably readying their “but the P365 holds 12+1!” comments, and that’s true. However, 10+1 is more than adequate for a concealed carry pistol, whether it’s a concealed carry Glock or anything else.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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