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Glock introduced two exciting, well designed, pistols at the 2019 Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. Glock, as much or more than any manufacturer, understands how concealed carry is an important part of the market. The Glock 17, Glock 19 and other models are widely respected. In concealed carry, the search was on for a viable improvement over both the Glock 19 and the Glock 43—enter the Glock 43X.

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Many of the modern, name brand bullets in .45 ACP or 9mm will do the job well. This data should help you realize, with the proper bullets, ammunition effectiveness is not nearly as large a concern as it once was. That is not say that all bullets in 9mm or .45 ACP perform the same. This article looks at data from different ammunition tests and picks the 3 top performers for consideration.

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Henry has supplied us with excellent quality .22 rifles at a fair price for some time. While Henry offers a diverse number of rifles, it is best known for lever action rifles. Henry offers distinctively-styled rifles in calibers from .22 to .45 Colt. Offerings include stainless steel, blue, case-hardened and brass-frame rifles. One of my favorites is a .30-30 version

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If you have heard them once, you have heard them 1000 times: the Three Rules of Gun Safety. In fact, originally there were 10. Written by Col. Cooper, their numbers have been reduced over the years for ease of remembering them. The rule that states, “All guns are loaded.” The concept is that you should treat an unloaded gun the same way that you treat a loaded gun. And you should—but not in all cases!

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Looking at firearms in use, it is pretty evident that plenty of gas, unburned powder, and oil droplets are in the air. Add ejected cartridge cases from your firearm (and those of people around you), possible ricochets, and it’s a bit of a wonder that many shooters make it to old age with their vision intact. Unfortunately, those requiring corrective lenses have long faced an awkward dilemma, we could either wear prescription glasses or ballistic eye protection, but not both—until now.

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Are you aware that several states have laws in place to circumvent your Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights, relating to…Read More >

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SIG Sauer Elite ammunition has made a big splash in the market in a relatively short time. These loads exhibit good quality and reliability. Building on SIG ammunition reputation is the SIG M17 9mm +P, named after the U.S. Army’s new M17 pistol. Billed as military grade, this report sought to determine the worthiness of the new M17 +P. Did it make the grade?

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A sensation when first introduced, the Combat Magnum became one of the most popular handguns of all time. In terms of power, accuracy, and fit and finish, few modern service pistols equal Smith and Wesson’s best revolver. At the time of its introduction, the Combat Magnum was the world’s lightest .357 Magnum revolver. Truly, the Combat Magnum was the revolver everyone wanted and arguably the finest service revolver ever fielded.

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If you are serious about defending the home, the first choice is a shotgun, mainly because a 12-gauge shotgun will repel boarders like no other firearm. A number of years ago, Mossberg offered a short-barrel pump-action shotgun known as the Persuader. Today, the piece is back as a highly finished retrograde shotgun worthy of consideration.

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Today, as during the Vietnam War, one simple fact remain true: Our firearms are obviously worthless without ammunition that works. I’m sure you’ve heard how many gun activists want to make ammo harder to come by and there is no question that depending on where you live, it’s becoming more difficult to walk into your sporting goods store to buy ammo. This has led to a continuing growing popularity of reloading your own ammo—but should you?

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