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Houston Man Shoots Home Invader in the Head as Sisters Hide in Closet

By David Schlake

A home invasion in Houston ended with one suspect dead and two others fleeing the scene. According to police, three suspects assaulted a man and invaded a home last week on Houston’s southwest side. Officials have indicated the three initially hid in the bushes and grabbed the father when he arrived home, before pistol-whipping the man and demanding that he open the front door.

The man’s two daughters, 21 and 15, were able to close themselves in a closet after hitting a panic alarm, hiding while the invaders raided the house for valuables. However, the intruders eventually found the two while scouring the property.

But the girls’ brother had arrived with their mother, immediately noticing something wasn’t right.

Acting quickly, he retrieved his gun and shot at the suspects as they scattered.

Two of the thieves jumped on the hood of the mother’s car while she and another child were inside, prompting her to speed away to a nearby Whataburger where she found a local police officer. The two suspects tried to steal a Mercedes parked at the home, but settled for the father’s Toyota Sienna instead and took off.

The 20-year-old son connected with the third suspect, though, shooting the armed attacker in the head. An ambulance later transported the home invasion suspect to the hospital where he died.

Police told KHOU11 News the father also went to the hospital, but didn’t suffer any major injuries, nor did any of the other family members.

A neighbor told reporters they heard at least 11 shots.

“There were five, then a a short break,” she said. “Then another five, a slightly longer break, then a single shot.”

Authorities don’t have much information on the two fleeing suspects at the moment, other than that they were wearing all black left in the father’s silver Toyota Sienna minivan.

Source: The Truth About Guns

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