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A Brief Guide To Dry Fire Training Systems

A number of companies make dry fire training systems.

You can spend a lot or a little.

Now some of you may have been to this little website called Amazon. On Amazon, you can find laser cartridges for much less than some other companies charge. You can spend $100+ on a SureStrike…or a different model for $30. It’s up to you, but you can start training with just the laser itself for the cost of a couple boxes of ammo. Set up a target where you can see the dot, and get to work.

We know of some great downloadable shooting targets that would be quite useful. You don’t even have to pay for it; just download the PDF and hit “print.”

The one that seems to get the most amount of press is MantisX. This system attaches the laser via an accessory rail, sort of like a Streamlight or something like that. The laser pairs with the MantisX application which you download to your smartphone.

You use the target of your choice and get to shooting. The app tracks times, placement and all sorts of other data, so you can dive deep into your shooting and where it’s going wrong such as pulled shots or weird split times. It also offers suggestions, tells you what you’re likely doing wrong and so on so the app includes coaching.

The MantisX system isn’t terribly expensive but isn’t exactly cheap either; the base system costs $150. However, a limitation that it has is compatibility. Where other systems can be used with ANY gun, the MantisX system is only compatible with pistols that have an accessory rail. They also sell magazine base plate adapters which get a few more models onboard, but it isn’t unlimited.

Another good option to look at – though it is more expensive! – is Laser Ammo Training Technologies. This company has a wider product range, so you have more options. You can have a more minimalist set up or you can go whole hog, so to speak.

It starts with their SureStrike laser training ammunition, which you place in the chamber and “fire” it. You pair it with a webcam (your phone works, but you can get a dedicated one if you want) and a reactive target, which they also sell. The base system of just the SureStrike laser cartridge plus a reactive target runs about $200, but it just goes up from there.

They also have shooting gallery programs that you need a projector to run, laser training pistols, even airsoft adapters to simulate recoil. You can spend a little (a few hundred) or a lot. It just kind of depends on what you want to do.

Other companies specialize more in the software.

For instance, the LASR APP by Shooter Technology Group. While they do sell other accessories such as laser training pistols, laser cartridges (they sell Laser Ammo Sure Strike cartridges) and cameras, tripods and other stuff, their core is their smartphone application. The app pairs to your phone or through a webcam and computer, and tracks shots much like the other dry fire training systems mentioned. Placement, split times and so on are all tracked. It also provides suggestions, has courses of fire and many other features.

The LASR X app starts at $9 per month or $65 per year on a subscription basis, or you can buy a lifetime package for $120. Since this system can be used with any laser, that means more people can use it than can use the MantisX system.

LaserLyte is another very good maker of training systems. Similar to Laser Ammo, they offer laser cartridges and reactive targets, including one model that resembles a steel target and makes a “ping!” noise when you connect, a vibrating target that buzzes when you hit, and digital reactive targets that just register the hit and split times and so on. Bottom dollar is about $200 with the cartridge and the steel targets. Targets with more features add to the price.

Then you have full shooting simulators, which are more for law enforcement training, with a price tag to match. Only the ultra rich are going to be able to even entertain that option, so we might as well skip it.

There are other makers of dry fire laser training equipment and software, of course; these are but a few examples.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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