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Frequently Asked Questions – ATF Form 4473 Background Checks

It is the responsibility of the licensee to obtain an accurate and complete Form 4473. When certifying the Form 4473 in Section D, the transferor is certifying he or she has no reason to believe the transferee is prohibited from receiving a firearm based in part on the answers provided by the transferee in Section A.

If Question 11.1 is answered with a “no” response, then the transferee should not respond to Question 12. If the transferee answers “no” to Block 12 and discovers the mistake immediately, he or she should draw a line through their response, then write their initials and the date next to the change. This will ensure the information provided on the ATF F 4473 is fully accurate.

If the licensee or the buyer discovers that a Form 4473 is incomplete or improperly completed after the firearm/s have been transferred, the licensee should photocopy the inaccurate form and make any necessary additions or revisions to the photocopy. The buyer should only make changes to Sections A and C. The licensee should only make changes to Sections B and D. Whoever made the changes should initial and date the changes. The corrected photocopy must be attached to the original Form 4473 and retained as part of the licensee’s permanent records.

During compliance inspections, can the inspecting officer physically take all of the dealers Forms 4473 back to his office for further review at his convenience?

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