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Kamala Harris Vows to Ban AR-15s and Importing of Certain Firearms

Kamala HarrisKamala Harris

NASHUA, N.H.-( reported on by AmmoLand, Kamala Harris has vowed to use executive action to expand background checks if elected President over Donald Trump, but the candidate went even further promising to use executive action to ban AR-15s and ban the import of certain semi-automatic guns.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Harris said she plans to take executive action if Congress doesn’t pass gun control and enact an “assault weapons” ban within her first 100 days in office.

“When we look at the issue of assault weapons, let’s be very clear: Assault weapons are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period time,” Harris told the crowd. “We cannot any longer afford to allow people to make this a partisan issue. Those guns, those assault weapons, do not discriminate and determine, OK, is the person pointing it at a Democrat or a Republican. This can no longer be a partisan issue.”

Erich Pratt, Executive Director for Gun Owners of America, pointed out to AmmoLand that Harris ignores all the defensive uses of AR-15 and AK-47 across the country. He and others view these rifles as a tool that help even the odds against criminal attackers.

“Senator Kamala Harris is not fit to be president if she thinks it’s okay to shred an important pillar in our Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms ‘shall not be infringed.’ But Harris ignores the very clear wording of our Constitution,” Pratt said. “Moreover, the very AR-15 style firearms that she wants to ban have been extremely useful when used by Americans facing multiple attackers. Just last month, a Houston man used his AK-47 to protect his home and his life against five home invaders. If Harris were to get her way, that law-abiding gun owner would have been severely handicapped in his ability to defend himself.”

Harris would also use executive action to stop the import of rifles such as AK and AR variants. The prohibition on importing the guns would continue until the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can determine if the ban should be made permanent.

Harris highlighted that the terrorist that attacked party goers are the Pulse night club in Florida used a gun manufactured by Sig Sauer. She also said the Las Vegas attacker used foreign-made rifles. Harris thinks these attacks justify putting multiple companies that import these rifles out of business.

The California Democrat blamed mass shooting on the 20 million semi-automatic rifles in circulation. She supported Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s bill that would make it illegal to import, sale, or transfer most semi-automatic rifles. Feinstein introduced her “assault weapons” ban in January. The bill has stalled in committee.

Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

The Firearm Industry Trade Association points out the fact that “AR-15-style rifles can look like military rifles, such as the M-16, but by law, they function like other semi-automatic civilian sporting firearms, as they fire only one round with each pull of the trigger.”

The NRA has accused Harris of running on failed policies. Harris, who claims to be a gun owner, has vowed to take on the NRA. Harris, like many other Democrats, has used the NRA as a target of their rage and to stir up their base.

Harris calls for gun control seems to be in response to Cory Booker’s calls for a mandated federal firearms license for anyone who owns a gun. Booker’s plan has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum including from fellow Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Willes K. Lee, President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), thinks the crowded field of 22 Democrats appears to be on a race to see who can pledge to pass the most repressive gun laws possible.

“The most fun this summer will be watching the laggers, in the socialist race for their nomination, trying to out-antigun their also-lagging peers to get on stage for the Dem debates,” Lee said. “This is ridiculous, unconstitutional, and dangerous proposal to spout from her mouth.”

Harris has stated these proposals are just the tip of the iceberg for her gun control platform. In the coming weeks, she will release more information about her plans on Firearms.

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