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Alabama abortion laws – How mysoginistic are you?

You could probably hear the knuckles dragging down the halls of the state buildings…

So now in Alabama, a father can rape his 12 year-old daughter, knocking her up. She cannot obtain an abortion and must carry the baby to term, or be sent to prison for a long time.

Then her daddy/rapist/incest partner, and grandfather to the baby, can claim parental rights once the baby is born. And if the baby happens to be female, the process can be repeated in another 12 years.

This is the view of women in the very republican and so called christian state of Alabama.

I know many here are very opposed to abortion based on their religious beliefs, but how do you like the entire mycologist package that Alabama has passed sit with you as a human, that was reared by their mother, married a woman they loved, and possibly had daughters, and grand daughters?


Source: USA Carry

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