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Standard Manufacturing’s New S333 Revolver Fires Two .22 WMR Rounds at a Time

Courtesy Standard Manufacturing

You don’t see a lot of unique designs come along in concealed carry guns any more, but Standard Manufacturing’s new S333 Thunderstruck double action only revolver is nothing if not unique. Their aluminum-framed wheel gun packs eight .22 magnum rounds and launches two of them with each trigger pull.

It’s probably a natural evolution of their S333 Volleyfire.

Standard named the gun for the rule of threes…most defensive gun uses take place at three yards or less, require three shots or less and are over in three seconds are less. With that in mind, they’ve produced a new lightweight (1 lb., 2 oz.) revolver they’re calling “a perfect self-defense weapon.”

The S333’s trigger is (again) a unique, two-finger design that rests behind an open, partial trigger guard post. Firing the gun requires a two-finger pull. As demonstrated in the video above, the S333 won’t fire with one finger in either position, even if you depress the upper trigger blade safety.

According to the video, the S333 Thunderstruck has an MSRP of $369, but it’s for sale on the Standard Manufacturing site for $425 with a holster. Here’s their press release . . .

Standard Manufacturing S333 thunderstruck

Courtesy Standard Manufacturing

Standard Manufacturing Co, LLC based in New Britain, CT announces the release of their new 2019 S333 Thunderstuck(TM) volley fire revolver.

Available now, the Standard Manufacturing Co, LLC S333 is the ultimate in personal protection. With each pull of the trigger, the S333 simultaneously fires two .22 magnum rimfire cartridges resulting in an incredible combination of firepower with very little recoil.

The S333 is the most reliable self protection firearm available because it functions as a double action revolver, which is far superior to any automatic pistol which is rendered useless when a jam or misfire occurs. The S333 also features an innovative redundant firing system unlike any other revolver devised.

Additionally, the S333 is the safest self-protection firearm available due to its blade style safety on the trigger, which must be depressed before the trigger can be pulled. The travel of the trigger then actuates a transfer bar, which will only then allow the gun to fire. This will only occur with a complete pull of the trigger; no other revolver on the market has this type of safe and reliable system.

The compact design and light weight of the S333 makes it an ideal carry gun, which can easily and readily be dispatched from a pocket, purse, or any holster.

The S333 is manufactured in New Britain, CT from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum with a high strength steel cylinder and barrels, and features titanium firing pin and cylinder inserts. The S333 also has red dot front and rear sights and a polymer grip.

The S333 can be purchased by calling 860-225-3401 or at

Standard Manufacturing s333 thunderstruck

Courtesy Standard Manufacturing

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