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Springfield XDM 10mm Review by Alien Gear Holsters

That said, the XDM 4.5 10mm is entering a segment of the handgun market that is likely to get more crowded as more people are warming up to the 10mm Auto as a cartridge. And they should; it has a lot going for it.

The beauty of 10mm is it’s versatility. You can load it light and punch a whole lot of paper. Light loads, being basically a .40 S&W with a longer case, are also good for self-defense. Or, if desired, you can go up to heavy loads for handgun hunting, bear defense, or just carrying a stouter load.

It isn’t an auto-loading equivalent of .44 Magnum (.460 Rowland is) so don’t fool yourself. It’s closer to the truth to say that 10mm Auto fills the gap between .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum. The 10mm does qualify for Major power factor in competitive shooting as well, which 9x19mm does not. Since this pistol holds 15+1 of them, that certainly would be a good use for it.

But there are a lot more 10mm pistols floating around these days. Not too long ago, your choices were 10mm Glocks and the Delta Elite by Colt. Those are still around, of course. Springfield has added 10mm options to its 1911 pistols (the TRP 5-in and 6-in models and the Range Officer Elite Operator) as well. In fact, darn near everyone and their brother makes a 10mm 1911 these days; you can get high-end custom 1911 pistols in that chambering even on down to some budget options such as those made by Rock Island Armory.

A few 10mm revolvers are coming out as well, such as Ruger’s GP100 Match Champion in that chambering.

More and more pistols in 10mm are hitting the market, so the XDM 4.5-in 10mm is already one of many that compete for your money. Each has its own list of pros and cons as well as their own best-intended use.

What is the best-use for the XDM 10mm? If it were me, I’d get it for use as a range or competition gun rather than a carry gun, but you can certainly use it for much more if you wanted. (I’d get a 1911 in this chambering if the aim was a CCW pistol.) Loaded with the harder stuff, it would make a good open-carry gun for the backcountry. With optics, it would make a decent hunting handgun though longslide models are a bit better for that purpose.

It sounds a little weird to say I’d get a 1911 over the XDM, but the reason why is that Ol’ Slabsides is thinner. It tucks into and rides against the side a little easier. I also happen to like them more than I like most other pistols, so it’s pretty much for my own subjective reasons. As it happens, Rock Island Armory makes Commander frame pistols in 10mm, so if I were to want a 10mm carry pistol…that would probably be the gun I got for that purpose, due to the dimensions and my affinity for that platform.

In short, if you wanted to get your toe in the 10mm waters without spending too much and sticking to the poly-striker format or avoiding the 1911 system, this would be a great pistol to get.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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