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Interesting day at the shooting range (or, one mistake leads to extensive cleaning)

I’m pretty predictable when I visit the gun range.

Often, I have three weapons, a rifle and two pistols. I tend to shoot the rifle first, then after changing targets, I’ll fire the pistols in turn. When I shoot the rifle, I have the pistols on the bench, actions open with a yellow plastic marker in each open chamber. Also when I shoot the rifle, I rest the barrel on a sand bag; I’ve done it this way for decades.

This time, either the sand bag had a weak spot, or my rifle barrel got extra hot and scorched a hole in the bag and sand leaked out in a generous outflow. I did not notice right away, as I was enjoying fine tuning for 100 yards. Oh, and it was quite breezy.

You guessed it, the sand blew all over my pistols (the ones with the actions open.) Dang.

And, my pistols just got the most scrupulous cleaning ever (I’ll fire them again next week, and clean them again.)

I really should have known better. From now forward, I’ll fire the handguns first and put them away before bringing out my rifle. And, I’ll avoid placing the barrel where it can cause a sandstorm.

Other than that, a pretty good day at the range.


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