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Terrorist Group Was Funding Omar, Tlaib Trip To Israel

Terrorist Group Was Funding Omar, Tlaib Trip To Israel

But, as it turns out, that news was only the beginning.

Prime Minister Netanyahu went on to explain that his decision to bar the two Congresswomen was based primarily on the disturbing details surrounding who exactly was funding their trip.

In a bombshell announcement, Netanyahu revealed to the world that a terrorist-backed organization was footing the bill.

In his explanation for the decision to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel (except under a very specific condition in Tlaib’s case), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited their itinerary and offered up some insight into the organization that was sponsoring their trip to “Palestine”:

Turns out that that was only scratching the surface:

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My Thoughts:

Proof that you don’t invite anyone into your home that what’s to do you harm and then laughs about it.

Source: USA Carry

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