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Sheepdog John’s Saturday Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Sheepdog John sends us his Saturday Carry.

He’s 56-years-old, and carries just a few tools, but hits all the basics.

He’s got a Ruger LCP.  I won’t criticize the LCP, but I will say that the LCP2 is better by at least a couple of orders of magnitudes.

Fisher Space Pen (not for me, I lose pens too often if they don’t have a real clip- your mileage my vary) and Gerber Dime mini-multi-tool.

More importantly he has a nice Nitecore light and a Kershaw folder.

What else does a grown man need in Summerville, SC?

Unless they live in those parts of California subjected to blackouts.  I wonder what those folks carry these past few days?  The prudent, wiser ones probably have “headlights” in addition to hand-helds.  Do you have a headlamp flashlight?  I do.  In car, tool chests, and the nightstand.

Source: The Truth About Guns

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