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Mesa Tactical LEO Gen II Telescoping Stock Adapter for Remington V3 Shotguns

Mesa Tactical has introduced the second generation of their LEO shotgun stock and grip adapters. The first LEO Gen II model is designed for Remington V3 semi-auto shotgun. The general concept is the same as in the first generation LEO adapters – the adapter replaces the stock of the shotgun and provides attachment points for AR-15 pistol grips and buffer tubes. However, the design has been refined and Gen II incorporates some modifications.

Mesa Tactical LEO Gen II Telescoping Stock Adapter for Remington V3 Shotguns (5)

The Mesa Tactical LEO Gen II adapter is a bit shorter and more compact than the first generation adapters. It also has a slightly forward angled pistol grip mount which results in a grip angle similar to that of the 1911 pistols and as the company notes, provides “more space for the webbing of the operator’s thumb above and behind the grip“. As a result of the grip angle change, the AR-15 pistol grips with beavertail backstraps are more comfortable to use on the shotgun. Another design improvement is that the Gen II endplate engages on the sides instead of on top which according to the company makes it less likely to come into contact with the shooter under recoil. This adapter also features an ambidextrous QD sling swivel socket. As other stock adapters made by this company, LEO Gen II is machined of investment cast aircraft grade aluminum with a black powder-coated finish.

The Mesa Tactical LEO GenII stock adapters are available in following four options:

Tell us in the comments section if you have experience with Mesa Tactical stock adapters. What do you think about their design, performance, and quality?

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