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Bullberry Barrel Works is Officially Closing Up Shop

Bullberry Barrel Works closing shop

Fred Smith, owner of Bullberry Barrel Works has announced that his shop will be closing operations. Bullberry Barrel works have been in business for over 40 years and have been making custom bolt action barrels for all sorts of customers. Started in 1988, Fred Smith, who was a recently retired Las Vegas Firefighter set up shop in Southern Utah and got to work.

 Bullberry Barrel Works

Bullberry Barrel Works

Today the six-man team that makes up Bullberry Barrel Works is going to cease operations as Fred Smith is retiring. A statement from the company can be read below – not all is lost.

“Thank you for an incredible 40 years! What started in Fred’s garage in Las Vegas grew into the world-premier manufacturer of custom T/C and bolt-action barrels and so much more. Fred and Jean poured their hearts into Bullberry, so saying goodbye to so many loyal customers and friends is bittersweet. However, they recently purchased a house on a lake just outside of Austin, Texas, and Fred has been reeling in the stripers, catfish, and more from his dock. If you’re wondering why the weather was so sunny in Texas this summer, it was the reflection off of Fred’s smile (and that white hair!)

Jean has been helping hold down the fort in Utah, but the commute has been rough. And they decided it was time to retire Bullberry.

With the retiring of the business comes some great products in our Closeout Sale. Whether you’re looking for some of the very last barrels to be made by Bullberry or some guns or accessories from Fred’s personal collection, you won’t be disappointed.

We are hoping Troy — after more than 18 years being both Fred’s right-hand man in the shop and his protege — will continue to be your go-to for all things accurate firearms. We will keep you posted on those developments.

In the meantime, thank you again for an incredible 40 years. And here’s to wishing Fred & Jean a happy and fish-filled retirement. “

 Bullberry Barrel Works

Bullberry Barrel Works

Fire Sale!

All good things must come to an end. While Fred Smith and the team have been producing quality barrels for 40 years they’ve created a large, satisfied customer base that is sure to follow the Bulberry legacy wherever his successors go.

 Bullberry Barrel Works

Bullberry Barrel Works

With the closing of Bullberry, the company is putting on a large sale of all current inventory, ready to ship items as well as some of Fred Smith’s personal inventory. Feel free to check their website out if you’re in the market for a custom bolt action barrel or stock from a legendary barrel maker.

Source: The Firearm Blog

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