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Family Member of Americans Murdered in Mexico: Americans Need to Fight to Keep Their Guns

Mexico Border Killings

Bullet-riddled vehicles that members of the extended LeBaron family were traveling in sit parked on a dirt road near Bavispe, at the Sonora-Chihuahua state border, Mexico. Three women and six of their children, related to the extended LeBaron family, were gunned down in an attack while traveling here Monday. (AP Photo/Christian Chavez)

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Earlier this week, three American women and six of their children were murdered in northern Mexico when their vehicles were attacked by drug cartel members.

Some in the legacy media have cited a tweet by the family as expressing support for more gun control laws in America.

But other members of the family see the murders as evidence that disarming Americans is the last thing that should happen after the attack.

‘I don’t know where you’re standing on the whole (idea of) trying to take away the guns in America right now, but I say fight for those guns,’ she said.

‘These things are happening here in Mexico because people can’t protect themselves because by law they’re not allowed to own these guns.

‘So since the government isn’t doing their job of protection in the way that they should, these cartels can just wreak havoc and the people are left defenseless.

‘So I say hold onto your guns, people.’

– Emily Crane in Americans should hold on to their guns’: Bride-to-be whose family was killed in massacre days before her wedding advocates for carrying weapons because she says defenseless Mexicans can’t fight back against cartels 300x250-v2

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