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Featured Deals of the Week – 11/8/19

Hello again everyone. It’s that time of the week again, it’s deal time. But it’s also a very special week for me because this week (or well really last week but who’s counting) marks my 1-year anniversary of starting writing here at TFB.

Edit: Originally this article had a link to Peacemaker Gunshop here for the IWI TS12 shotgun. IWI has contacted TFB and informed us they are in litigation with Peacemaker Gunshop. IWI alleges they are fraudulently accepting orders without sending TS12 shotguns to the consumer. Until we know more this deal has been removed.

Spike’s Tactical Havoc 9″ 37mm Flare Launcher – $341.96

Image Provided by Aim Surplus

What the deal is

Admit it. You want one. You want to shoot chalk and flare and bird bomb rounds downrange and giggle to yourself every time you pull the trigger. I know you do because do. But alas, I live in a ban state. So for those of you who live in free states, as best I am able to tell what you are legally allowed to shoot through a 37mm are flares, smoke grenades, bird bombers (110gr propellant and payload weight), gas/pepper, parachute rounds, and dummy rounds. Anything else is likely a Destructive Device which means the ATF gets involved.

Why it’s a good deal

While this is not the historical rock bottom price on these launchers, it is as low as you can currently find them. Aim Surplus also provides free shipping, though it does not appear to sell any flare or chalk rounds that I could see.

Magpul Gen2 MBUS Front & Rear Backup sights – $49.99 with code MBUSSET

Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

What the deal is

Okay alright before anyone takes my head off in the comments, I know. This is a very standard PSA deal. But it was recently made apparent to me that not everyone is up to date on Palmetto’s deals. So, Magpul MBUS. It’s a set of front and rear backup sights that will work perfectly on your AR or most other platforms. Pair these with a red dot or scope, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Why it’s a good deal

Everywhere else on the internet this set goes for around $80, so for $50 plus tax (some places) and shipping you’re not doing bad at all. So for everyone who bought an “optics ready” rifle and realized as soon as they picked it up “crap I forgot the optics”, this deal is for you.

Remington 870 DM 12-gauge pump – $259.99

Image Provided by Rainier Arms

What the deal is

I guess this is the week of the shotgun. This is a pump-action magazine-fed 12-gauge shotgun. There are both 3-round and 6-round magazines available, though this model ships with a 6-round. A shotgun like this would be great for home defense, target shooting, or in states where permitted, hunting.

Why it’s a good deal

It is ever so slightly below market value for these shotguns. Many places have these listed for the full MSRP, which is laughable, but some others have it listed for around $270, so at this price, you’re getting a reasonably good deal on a solid shotgun.

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