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Gun Stickers: The Dangers Of Displaying Your Love Of Firearms

The debate about whether or not to place gun stickers or other firearm-related material on your vehicle is usually a split, between those that choose not to, and those that want to boldly use their First Amendment right.  As Americans, we’re used to being able to say whatever we feel, but it’s usually directed towards a person or a group of people we’re talking with.  When it comes to displaying gun stickers on our cars, trucks or vans (yes, you can admit to having a minivan to the internet), we don’t get to control who sees that, or what they might do when the opportunity presents itself.

Gun stickers: the dangers of displaying a love of guns

The topic of whether or not to place gun stickers on your vehicle or home isn’t new.  As it turns out, some criminals do know what to look for and have taken advantage of the absence of the owners to break in and look for guns.  It only took me a half-hour to find most of the pictures you see in the article, and these were easily identifiable.  The sleek new term, “slider crime,” has been rolled out to replace the literal phrase, “theft from vehicles”.  It means that when someone leaves their car unlocked, a thief will “slide” into the car and take whatever they can get.


Our first example on the topic of displaying firearm-related content on vehicles comes from Georgia, from this October.  The incident took place at a gas station, where the would-be thieves broke the passenger window of the truck.  Any intended theft was stopped when the perps saw the observant owner charging at them from the store.  The police believe that the conservation license plate was what helped the bad guys single the truck out.  The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department has noticed an increase in theft from vehicles with firearms as the goal, with the belief that gun-related stickers or license plates are the indicators that a firearm could be present.  Many times, they’re correct.

This particular event seemed to alarm law enforcement since most slider crimes typically involved simply opening an unlocked door.  WSB-TV reported that as of September 2019, the Atlanta Police Department had covered around 69 slider crimes, with over 150 guns stolen.  They also tallied the theft of more than $173,000 in cash.

Gun Stickers: the dangers of displaying a love of guns

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Gun Stickers: the dangers of displaying a love of guns

Camouflage seat covers could alert criminals that you’re a hunter, and therefore a gun owner.

Another example of gun thefts from vehicles baring firearm-related stickers comes from North Carolina, mid-2018.  Officers had been taken a lot of reports of gun thefts from cars that had National Rifle Association stickers, hunting stickers, or stickers from firearm manufacturers.  The quotes below are from the WBTV story.

Hyatt owns a local gun shop. These thefts are why he tells every one of his customers not to put gun-related decals on their rides.

“You might be letting people know you’re a gun owner but it might be the wrong people,” he says.

“They’re used to their rural lifestyle,” he says of visitors. “They got their NRA sticker on, they got their gun locked up in the truck, come out…their truck’s broken into, their gun’s gone.”

Gun Stickers: the dangers of displaying a love of guns


Personally, I’ve chosen not to adorn my house or my vehicles with gun stickers or other firearms-related material.  I’ve always locked up and I don’t leave valuables in my van, let alone unattended firearms.  However, just as it’s up to each person to decide whether or not to use their Second Amendment rights, it’s also up to each person how they want to exercise their First Amendment rights.  Just be aware that people’s vehicles have been targeted simply because they chose to display their membership in the NRA, or by showing off their favorite sport, or their favorite firearm manufacturer.
What do you think?  Do you have gun stickers or conservation themed license plates on your vehicles?  If so, have these cautionary tales changed your mind, or will you proudly share to the world that “I carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy?”.

Source: The Firearm Blog

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