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How To Find A Duty Holster

Another aspect to consider is that of the belt attachment for a duty holster. Just as with the retention level, you have to consider what’s best for YOU, specifically. You might be a patrol officer, Border Patrol agent, a detective, other federal agent, an armed guard, or you might be an armed civilian that wants a durable, secure holster for open carry.

Most duty holsters come with one of four broad classes of attachment method. Namely, a belt slide, a paddle, a drop leg attachment, or a MOLLE attachment.

Some have a fixed attachment, some holsters can be configured at the owner’s discretion. Some are available for only one belt width – say a 1.5-inch or 2.25-inch belt – and some can be configured for use with any of the popular belt widths.

Unless you’re only going to use the holster one way, with only one belt attachment – you only wear a 1.5-inch belt, and that’s the only way you’re going to carry – then get one with a dedicated attachment method.

If you wear the holster and pistol from a duty belt, but occasionally switch to a drop leg platform for tactical duty or SWAT deployment, then you need to pick a holster that can change attachments.

Quick-release systems are excellent in this regard. If well-designed, it will be attached just as strongly as if the belt attachment were attached directly to the holster.

A quick-release system also gives the officer the ability to take the holster and gun off the belt for safe storage, and put them back on when it’s time for your shift to start. If you trade attachment methods, say from a duty belt to a civilian carry belt to a drop leg platform, then a quick release system of good design is an excellent feature to look for.

You should know the drop height that you’ll wear the holster at. If wearing on the belt, typically you’ll have the choice of high, mid- and low-ride belt attachments. There’s no real correlation between your physical height and what ride height you’ll prefer; it’s more that you prefer what you prefer. If you wish your holster rode a little lower or higher, that tells you the ride height you might want to consider.

To sum up, you want to make sure the attachment method suits your intended purpose. If that’s multi-use, be sure to select a duty holster that can be used in that fashion. If single-use, then just make sure to get the right one.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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