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Modlite Handheld Body Coming Soon

In the world of weapon-mounted lights, Modlite has been turning some heads. They have been picked up by a number of dealers including Brownells and their lights are all the rage for law enforcement. Just recently Big Tex Outdoors posted up some comparison of a new Modlite handheld body.

Photo by Big Tex Outdoors

Photo by Big Tex Outdoors

Photo by Big Tex Outdoors

According to Big Tex Outdoors, they will be offering the 18650 bodies first. Modlite has already been making their own weapon light bodies but a number of customer feedback has necessitated making a handheld body. Before this, some people have been adapting pocket clips to the Modlite weapon light body.

Photo by Yellowdogholsters

Here are a few comparison pictures of the modlite 18650 Handheld vs various Surefire handhelds. There are LOTS of beam comparison videos and pictures out there so I won’t be doing any of those since the heads on the handhelds will be identical to the ones on the WMLs that are already out there.

These should be dropping later on this month. We will have tons in our warehouse and ready to ship the moment they’re released. Link to them on our site will be coming soon.

18650s will be available first and 18350 bodies will follow. These also come with the new Modlite HCC tailcap and the bodies will work with the Thyrm or Raven pocket clips.

The bodies will also accept Surefire Scout and E-Series tailcaps as well as the Modlite WML (TCC) tailcap.

They’ll be available in the OKW, IR and PLH5K heads or as bodies by themselves.

OKW has 69,000 candela and the PLH is 29,000 candela.

$350 for the package (light, charger & batteries)
$99 for the body/tailcap
$78 for the body without tailcap
$34 for the HCC tailcap
$250 for the OKW, PLH or IR heads by themselves.

Photo by Big Tex Outdoors

Photo by Big Tex Outdoors

Since these are made for Modlite’s heads, you should be able to use a Surefire Scout Light DF head on this body as well. So if you upgraded your Scout Light DF to a Modlite head, you can turn the DF head into a handheld flashlight. For more information check out

Source: The Firearm Blog

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