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‘Reasonable’ Gun Control: Bloomberg Will Assume the Lead for the Democrat Nomination

Bloomberg MAIG

Michael Bloomberg. AP photo.

Pity the foolish Democrat pols who got in the 2020 presidential race too early. Most of them worked so hard, too, at attempting to maintain some semblance of relevance in a world in which they had only fleeting bits thereof.

To our amusement as gun owners, they staked out all manner of radical positions.  Everything from “Hell yes!  We’re going to take your AR-15” to talk of sending police door-to-door to confiscate America’s favorite rifle.

Meanwhile, the candidates, including crazy ol’ Bernie (again?), thought they had a fair chance at gaining their party’s nomination. Especially after so-called “changes” after the last election cycle when pre-ordained Hillary screwed Bernie out of what many say should have been his nomination.

The Democratic National Committee has gone through all the motions and indulged these doomed candidates and their campaigns. The DNC even gave them a platform at the debates. Well, they did so long as the desperate candidates submitted sufficient campaign donor data to DNC headquarters.

For instance, to participate in the first debate, candidates had to submit at least 65,000 unique donor names, with at least 200 unique donors per state in at least 20 states.

In the third debate, the data requirements doubled. By the sixth, they needed 200,000 donors, including 800 per state in at least 20 states.

But the big wigs at DNC HQ knew none of the deeply flawed, second-tier candidates would get their blessings.

Elizabeth Warren, the sucks-at-math fake native American with the $50 trillion “Medicare for all” plan? Hardly.

Doddering Joe Biden the gaffe monkey? Laugh out loud. He can’t even remember which state he’s campaigning in.

The ineffective boy-wonder part-time mayor of a crime-infested dysfunctional city? An amateur. Even worse, he has that last name which nobody can pronounce, much less spell. Puhlease.

And then there’s crazy old Bernie. Feel the Bern? LOL. Yeah, right. Yes, the DNC masters have screwed him again. Shame on him this time for his gullibility. Imagine what the Chinese trade negotiators and others would have do with that gullible old fart if he becomes president.

As for the bench-warmers including Corey “I am Spartacus” Booker, Kamala “Top Tier” Harris, and Amy “Hot Temper” Klobuchar…nope. Marianne Williamson the New Age author? Their feet didn’t even touch the floor as they sat at the children’s table during the debates.

Then there’s the Asian guy who claims he’s good at math, wants to give everyone $1000, but can’t dress professionally for a debate?  C’mon.

The only purpose these so-called candidates have served – along with the others whose names we can’t even remember without going to Google — is donor data mining for the Dem party. That’s it.

These poor schlubs have served their purpose. Now it’s time for the real candidates to show up to take the reins. The Dems will use all that data the failed campaigns sent to Donkeyland headquarters to raise money, probably for the primaries as well as the general election.

Michael Bloomberg is about to occupy top spot. He’s not a commie or a wild-eyed fake Indian, and he doesn’t grope or sniff women and girls (not that he doesn’t have potential problems in that area). To most Americans who don’t know any better, Bloomberg seems almost…normal.

Despite his longstanding gun control advocacy, don’t expect a lot of talk of gun confiscations or police going door-to-door grabbing guns from Mayor Mike. He would never reveal those crass legislative goals until he thinks he can implement them through legislation. Instead, he will talk about the need for “gun safety” legislation and reducing “gun violence” – which we all know really means, for the most part, gang violence.

You watch the fake news polling data in the coming days and weeks. Somehow Bloomberg will rise to the top.

Unless Michelle Obama jumps in, the nomination is probably Michael Bloomberg’s to lose. Just watch.

Either way, the choice for gun owners remains just as stark as night and day.

Source: The Truth About Guns

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