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Volquartsen Summit 17 Mach 2: Rimfire Review

The action, of course, was not as fast as a regular 10/22, but fast enough to double on young squirrels chowing down in a pignut tree. Midsouth squirrel hunting is like nothing I’ve seen in the northeast. Every bushy tail for miles, it seems, will mob one pignut, beech, or hickory, barking each other down, tussling, then finding a branch to settle in and eat. Shoot one off a tree like this, and be patient. In a few minutes they’ll all come changing back to feed. One morning, I shot all six from the same tree. It was great fun, precision hunting, long-range hunting, all within 100 yards. Can you kill squirrels with less? Of course. But for hunters who want the very best, the Volquartsen Summit in 17 Mach 2 is easily the ultimate, most modern squirrel rig available today.

Source: Range 365

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