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Colt Python Review by Alien Gear Holsters

Where to start with our Colt Python review? Well, let’s start with the ergonomics.

Ergonomically, the pistol is excellent as medium-frame revolvers are very comfortable for most people. However, those with smaller hands may find the grips too large and the trigger reach too far, especially when it comes to the DA trigger pull. Those whose hands are too large will want either a set of oversize grips (Jordan Trooper stocks from Herretts, for instance) or a Tyler T-grip to keep from getting their knuckles rubbed.

However, nothing about that is new. The Colt Python is an old gun made with new manufacturing techniques. (CNC machines didn’t exist when these things first came out.) Small hands and poor fit was a known quantity in 1950; if it’s new to you today…well, I just don’t know what to tell you.

The trigger is glorious. DA pull is about 8 to 9 pounds, ludicrously smooth, and the single-action press is about 4 pounds. The single-action press is short and unbelievably crisp.

As far as we could tell, the Python is incredibly accurate. It was a favorite of many competition shooters in PPC (Police Pistol Competition) events and the early days of other practical shooting series. However, like many other DA platforms, it rewards proper technique and punishes sloppiness. It will astound you with accuracy if you do your job correctly.

The stainless steel finish is bite-the-back-of-your-hand gorgeous. The walnut grips are tastefully checkered and beautiful. They’re just rough enough to get a good grip, but not raspy.

I asked Colt if they were going to be offered in Royal Blue. I have some good news and some bad news on that score.

The good news is a black nitride version will be coming out in a number of months, so there will be an alternative eventually. The bad news?

A proper deep Royal Blue finish, which is currently not available, may eventually be an option as a custom shop order. So you’ll probably be able to get it, but you’re gonna pay for it.

Obviously, you won’t be getting one for daily carry. It makes a dandy home defense or outdoor carry revolver, but something tells me not too many folks are going to get one for those purposes. This is an enthusiast’s gun, and with a price point to match.

The thing is that some guns are a product, and others are an example of craft. Mossberg cranks out shotguns by the bushel; Holland and Holland, Purdey, or Aguirre y Aranzabal make them one at a time, to order. Do Mossberg make bad guns? Far from it. People buy H&H, Purdey or AyA guns because they’re beautiful, functional, and because they’re special.

The Colt Python is the latter kind of gun. There are other .357 Magnums out there that will do all the shooting you want or need for half the cost or less. You get the Python because you want a pistol to appreciate.

Source: Alien Gear Holsters

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