5 Double Stack 1911 Pistols That Won't Break The Bank…Too Badly

One of some new guns that Rock River Arms had for SHOT Show 2020 is the Rock River Arms 3G-11. If you wanted something more or less exactly like a 2011 but didn’t want to spend as much, it’s a quality option that will be realistically affordable…but not cheap.

For those unfamiliar, Rock River Arms makes their 1911 pistols the old-school way; they make hand-fit, custom 1911 pistols. In terms of how they build their guns, as well as price points, they’re more or less in the same league as Dan Wesson as opposed to Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory or Colt.

The 3G-11, which may be renamed at some point, is thoroughly a competition pistol, with a 2011-style stainless steel slide and frame. If you want bells and whistles, it’s got ’em. Forward and rearward slide serrations, Novak-style sights, ambi safety levers, upswept beavertail safety with memory notch, skeleton trigger and hammer, and a flared magwell for fast reloads.

This thing is built for sending a lot of pews downrange rather than concealed carry, so know what you’re getting into. Final prices aren’t available yet, but after talking to their guy Steve at the SHOT Show booth…I’d anticipate somewhere around $1500. Again, not cheap, but the build quality alone is worth the price of entry.

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