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Cities Let Weapons, Drug Offenders Off, Then Wonder Why Their Crime Rates Soar

Muriel Bowser dc mayor

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Washington DC city fathers (and mothers…far be it from us to perpetuate the patriarchy), just like their counterparts in most other big urban areas around the country, make quite a show of decrying “gun violence” at every opportunity.

But the problem isn’t a lack of laws on the books. There’s no shortage of regulations. The problem is incompetent, ineffective and inept government and criminal justice systems that let crooks — many who are caught red-handed (see below) — off the hook and back on the streets to re-offend.

Case in point (complete with incendiary “cop killer” moniker for extra clicks) . . .

On Jan. 27, D.C. police arrested Sean Alston and charged him with possessing a Belgian made FN 5×7 handgun — a pistol the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence labeled a “cop killer” gun in 2005 after tests determined the ammunition could pierce the Kevlar vests worn by police officers nationwide.

D.C. police say Alston was found injured outside an apartment building at 2350 Washington Place Northeast after jumping off a balcony.

Police say officers were called to the building for a “violent assault” and once on the scene entered the apartment “in order to conduct a protective sweep for victims.”

According to a police report, once inside, officers noticed a pistol with an extended magazine along with a “substantial amount of marijuana.”

Investigators then applied for and carried out a search warrant on the apartment and seized the pot, the pistol, $32,000 in cash along with other drugs.

– Paul Wagner in Charges dropped against DC man found with ‘cop killer’ handgun

When Mr. Alston appeared in court two days later, he was “no papered.” In other words, the city couldn’t be bothered to prosecute him (charges included possession of an unregistered rirearm, possession of unregistered ammunition(?), possession of a large capacity feeding device, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and possession to distribute a controlled substance while armed).

He apparently walked out the door a free man.

It’s strange that no one from the Brady Bunch could be bothered to comment on this when asked about the case, no?

How long will it be before Alston gets his hands on another gun and shoots someone. Maybe a police officer. Then we’ll really hear about the “gun violence” epidemic in our big cities and the moral imperative to finally DO SOMETHING.

The real problem, as we’ll be told, is America’s all-too-lax gun laws, the NRA, institutional racism, or whatever other bogie man the anti-gun left can think up for their next sound bite when they get in front of another camera.

Same as it ever was.

Source: The Truth About Guns

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