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Wilson Combat AR9X – AR Pistols and Carbines Fed From EDC X9 Magazines

The concept of having the primary weapon and sidearm chambered in the same caliber was probably pioneered or at least popularized in the American Old West where carbines like Winchester Model 1873 were often carried with handguns like the Colt SAA chambered in the same caliber. To me, this concept is still viable and one of the primary reasons I would ever opt for a PCC over a rifle is the compatibility with the ammunition and magazines used in my handgun. For those of you who are Wilson Combat brand aficionados, you can now have a perfect companion for your EDC X9 pistol because the company has just introduced the AR9X, a new sub-series of their AR9 9mm firearms that is compatible with EDC X9 magazines.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 Magazine Compatible AR9X PCC (5)

Until this announcement, the AR9 carbines and pistols were available compatible with Glock or Beretta magazines. The EDC X9 magazines were designed in cooperation with Mec-Gar. The partnership of a company renown for making high-end handguns with an industry leader in the manufacturing of handgun magazines sounds like a recipe for an extremely reliable magazine design.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 Magazine Compatible AR9X PCC (7)

The AR9X carbines are direct/simple blowback firearms. The upper and lower receivers are made of 7075 aluminum with a hard coat anodized finish. The muzzles of button rifled barrels are threaded with the 5/8 x 24 thread pitch. The magwells are generously flared to aid the magazine insertion. The guns also come with Wilson Combat TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) M2 triggers, M-LOK rails, Q-COMP flash hiders, and BCM pistol grips. This series of carbines and pistols have a high level of parts commonality with the AR-15 platform to include the buffer tubes, stocks, triggers, pistol grips, etc.

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Below you can find a video showing the AR9X in action.

The AR9X family of 9mm firearms will be available in a variety of options to include carbines with 14.7″ or 16″ barrels, as well as pistols and SBRs equipped with 8″ or 11.3″ barrels. The base price of the AR9X series of firearms is $1,995.

Images by Wilson Combat

Source: The Firearm Blog

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