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Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ pistol is a variation on the design of previous Walther pistol models. Like most pistols of this kind, they are mostly used by law enforcement agencies, but are also favored by regular citizens for concealed carry. 

The PPQ is designed with a fully cocked striker. The piece also has a short recoil that is born from a modified version of a Browning cam-lock system. The frame of the pistol is made with polymer steel and it can be completely disassembled.

The trigger of the PPQ is a quick defense trigger that when pressed the pistol fires by propping up a sear hook when the disconnect lever is engaged. After discharging, the striker spring is not reloaded. The trigger also stays cocked all the time, so there is no need to recock the gun after each discharge. 

The pistol holds 15 rounds of ammunition, but you can get a two round extension if need be. There are no other magazine options for this pistol unless you make a purchase of extended base plates that can give you another few rounds.

The magazine well on the Walther PPQ is not unlike other magazine wells on other handguns. It is pretty standard and for that you shouldn’t have any trouble reloading your weapon at all. The magazine will fall out pretty fast and putting another magazine in should also be quick and easy to handle and maneuver. 

The slide stop is large and can be used by either hand. The slide was also designed to be out of the way when you are gripping the pistol with your support hand. It is easy to feel for and engage without any problems.

The grip of the PPQ has been ergonomically designed for comfort and handling so that the piece feels like an extension of you as opposed to feeling like you have a clunky piece of metal in your hand. The backstrap does have a bump on it that may give you some discomfort in your hand, but if you adjust your grip on the gun you can avoid any kind of clumsy handling of the firearm. The backstrap can also be changed out if you want to use something that is more comfortable. For shooters that have larger hands, changing out the backstrap has improved their trigger reach and they have found it more comfortable to use the pistol. 

The texture of the pistol is what most people love about it because it’s tacky and has the feel of a high degree of soft rubber to it. It makes gripping more comfortable and it gives the feeling that the pistol won’t slip from your grip but is locked steady in your hand. 

With such a high level of grip and design it’s easy to see why this piece is mostly used by law enforcement agencies. It should not deter the average pistol user from purchasing this type of firearm. Although it is powerful, it is easy to handle and use. 

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