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What Is the Best Weapon for a Beginner To Train With?

Until recently, you probably thought you’d never own a firearm. However, if you’re looking to add a firearm to your list of possessions, probably you’re thinking of enrolling for training. Often, the feeling can be overwhelming, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Once you decide to buy a firearm and enroll for training, the more challenging work begins. In this case, you’ll face the decision of choosing the gun you should use for your training course.

Before you go ahead and purchase a firearm, there are a few interesting facts that might tickle your fancy:

  • In America, three-in-ten adults own a gun.
  • Many people buy a firearm for protection.
  • Americans are of the view that gun ownership should be stricter.
  • In all of Mexico, only one gun store operates legally.
  • Russians took guns into space to defend themselves against bears.

There are plenty of reasons why you should take a weapon training course. Some of the biggest reasons that stand out include safety, saving time, and gaining the much-needed knowledge about firearms.

If you don’t know much about firearms, a training course will equip you with all the requisite knowledge to get you going. As a beginner, you need to identify the firearm that is best suited for your training course. In any event, there are numerous options at your disposal.

Before you go about deciding which firearm is best for a beginner, there are a few issues you need to keep in mind:

Basics of Choosing a Firearm for Beginner Shooting 

If you’re familiar with the process of acquiring a firearm, you should acquaint yourself with the basic terminologies of weapons. The most notable terminologies include action, magazine, and caliber.

Action is a term used to depict how a firearm ejects the empty shell after shooting. The magazine is a component of the gun that holds ammunition. Before you purchase a firearm, you should inquire how many rounds of ammo the magazine can hold. Lastly, caliber is the size of the bullet that can fit in your preferred firearm.

How Do You Intend to Use the Firearm? 

As you decide on the best firearm to train with, you need to determine what you intend to use it for. Ordinarily, a hunting rifle will not serve the same purpose as a plinking rifle.

The firearm’s primary purpose will help you identify which weapon is most suitable for your training course. If you plan to use the firearm for hunting purposes, durability and reliability are among the factors you should consider. 

You should also base your choice of a gun on what kind of animals you intend to hunt. This consideration will enable you to pick the best caliber.  

There are instances when you might want a firearm for precision or accuracy shooting. These types of weapons are usually pretty expensive than their counterparts. As far as caliber goes, this aspect is dependent on your range.

For defensive purposes, you need to train with a firearm that will repulse the threat, whatever it may be. In this case, you should go for a semiautomatic weapon with high-quality defense ammunition, as it will do significant damage to your intended target.

Types of Firearms

There are different types of firearms you can choose from for your training course. In this particular case, you can either go for handguns, pistols, or rifles.

A pistol is small, and you can easily hold it using one hand. Shotguns require two hands because they have long barrels. Rifles come in a lot of different shapes, and you can fire them with both hands.

Each firearm is loaded with its type of bullets.


Any gun specialist will tell you a firearm is as good as how it performs a full cycle. In the realm of guns, a cycle is the process of loading ammunition, firing it, and getting rid of the spent casing.

If you train with a single-shot gun, you’ll often be required to load a round, cock the firearm, and pull the trigger. Once it’s fired, it can’t “do” anything else.

With semi-autos, the firearm cycles itself when you pull the trigger. Fully automatic firearms are not different from semi automatic because all you should do is hold the trigger down and fire continuously.

When it comes to guns, there are “best of” winners. This is often the case, especially when various aspects such as quality, durability, and performance come into play. For firearm training, there is value in touching and feeling your preferred weapon.

As a trainee, always take the time to acquaint yourself with a firearm that best suits your needs.

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