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Ruger LCR

Ruger has developed a new take on the revolver. The classic firearm that has been the choice of many enthusiasts for generations is still the choice of many people who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from the enemies of the world. The revolver has long been regarded as one of the most trusted weapons to have in your arsenal. Since the time when Sam Colt first developed the revolver in 1836, the firearm has ceased to fail its owner. 

What makes the revolver so essential is that it was one of the first firearms to be able to shoot multiple times without having to be reloaded. That is what makes the revolver so great to have because you have the confidence in knowing that you have the ammunition necessary to continue to protect yourself if you are in the tight situation where you may have already fired a round. 

Ruger’s LCR, Lightweight Compact Revolver, takes the revolver to the next level.  The design of the piece makes handling the firearm easy, which will give you the confidence that you know how to handle the weapon. The entire frame is made out of aerospace grade aluminum that makes the LCR feel weightless in your hand. That kind of lightweight design allows you to be able to fully grip the firearm with the feeling that you have total and absolute control over your aim, where you are pointing, and hitting your target. The lightweight design also helps reduce recoil when you fire the piece, which will allow you to continue to fire several rounds without interruption. 

The Ruger LCR has also been designed with a friction-reducing cam that helps the trigger pull smoothly without any difficulty. You can easily pull and fire repeatedly during target practice or in the event of an emergency where you would need to use your firearm to protect yourself or your home.

The newly-designed LCR from Ruger also has a stainless steel cylinder that has been designed to give you extra durability with a fluted design that reduces more weight from the firearm for more smooth handling. 

One of the most important design features of the LCR is the grip. The grip is the most important part of handling the firearm as a good grip will help you to have the stance and confidence to fire the weapon. The grip peg is designed so that you can have multiple choices on how you want the grip of the firearm to feel when you use it that is right for you. 

When it comes to concealed firearms, the Ruger LCR is a good choice for not only having a firearm that you can trust, but a firearm that is guaranteed to work when you need it most. The LCR is a weapon that will not weigh you down and hinder you from being able to use the piece to its full potential and use the piece in the moment when you need it to work.

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