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Should I Have A Pistol Mounted Light?

Weapon-mounted lights (WMLs) have been a hot topic in recent years as people debate the pros and cons of weapon lights versus traditional hand-held flashlights. If you are a security-conscious person who keeps handguns ready for self-defense, perhaps you may want to install a pistol-mounted light. This can supplement your hand-held flashlight as you try to ramp up your nighttime security. WMLs are super-handy if you’re planning on searching for and engaging bad guys boot-for-boot.

Modern handguns feature a section beneath the barrel known as a rail. This comes in different sizes and shapes depending on the model of the firearm. Gun owners can choose to fit tasers or lights to the rails of their pistols. Here is all that you need to know about pistol mounted lights and whether it is necessary to own one.

Why You May Want To Carry A Pistol Mounted Light

  • Carrying a handgun with light may be worth it if you are going out for a night trip. Criminals usually work with their own time and not bankers’ hours. 
  • While the threat from gangs is present 24/7, your nighttime security can be compromised if you are blinded by the cover, of course.
  • Your ability to pinpoint a target on time while getting maximum control over your firearm can make the difference in your response to threats. 
  • Although having a separate EDC light is remarkable, that would demand you to use one hand to operate it. 
  • A pistol mounted light is a better way to gain absolute control over your weapon and define your target without any mistake.

Good Lighting And Pistol Mounted Light For Home Defense

The ideal time when civilians badly need handguns and flashlights simultaneously is in the night. However, besides self-defense at home, there are several possible situations that suit the use of WMLs.

Depending on your state, civilian home security laws may differ from national security officers such as military squad on patrol duties.

Good lighting and timing are essential for improved security in low-light conditions. For normal street crimes and close-range self-defense at home, you will probably have just a few seconds to access and activate your flashlight. Some home-defense situations don’t usually happen in total darkness. That said, properly setting your lighting systems can prove helpful when criminals try to attack your home during the late hours.

It helps to switch your lamps on near all the entry points to your home. Good illumination will ward off intruders and improve your overall vision at night. A weapon mounted light is an effective way to upgrade the usefulness of your firearm.

What Are The Pros Of Carrying A Pistol Mount Light?

In emergencies, when your other hand is busy, you would be able to use your pistol and flashlight at a go. On the contrary, it can be challenging to use both your flashlight and hand handgun when your non-primary hand is occupied with something. Pistol-mounted flashlights simplify your ability to control your pistol and fire with stunning accuracy. If you cannot shoot with both hands, you may end up putting yourself at a greater risk.

What’s more, a flashlight on the rail of your pistol adds extra weight at the front of your gun, which helps counter the recoil action. The muzzle of your pistol may dip a bit low, though, as you take a shot.

Pistol light is a superb option for incorporating a target identification feature into your weapon. It is easy to think that you can carry a separate flashlight for target identification, but the problem is that such an idea is too slow.

When a potential threat appears from nowhere in the middle of the night, drawing your pistol-flashlight combo is a lot faster than trying to reach for your pocket light and handgun separately.

This does not mean that you should throw away EDC light; it can always supplement your pistol light and vice versa. You can use your weapon light to blind enemies in a flash, and that can put you in an excellent position to defend yourself while drawing people’s attention to the incident.   

A pistol light can be a very valuable accessory for your concealed carry weapon. If you commonly commute through areas with limited light, you may find weapon lights to be vital to your everyday life. While one concern about pistol lights seems to be the extra bulk they add to your weapon, they are essential gear from time to time.

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