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Sig P320 Subcompact

Sig Sauer has created a subcompact pistol with a design that is revolutionary to gun enthusiasts. The Sig P320 subcompact pistol is that new and improved firearm of the future. From the trigger to the frame, the Sig P320 has better handling, better grip, and better confidence when it comes to use and discharge. 

The entire gun can be disassembled and reassembled in whatever way you want in order to fully customize the piece to your liking and your standards. The barrel can be swapped out as well as the slide, frame, and trigger. The backstrap does not need to be changed because the entire grip can be changed to be customized to your hands and your needs when handling the pistol. The P320 is also hammerless so there is more of a quick fire experience when you are using this firearm. 

The frame of the pistol is steel and is covered in Nitron, which prevents the pistol from rusting or getting damaged by the elements. There is also a tabbed trigger safety on the gun that helps the shooter feel the trigger before they shoot, which is helpful for some people. If you don’t want a tabbed trigger the pistol also comes with a smooth trigger that feels more sleek. The trigger of the P320 is weighted at about 6 pounds. The trigger is consistent and never changes and it has a quick reset that you can hear after each round.

The grip can be adjusted for your needs, but the grip that comes with it is also great. Many have found that it handles well at the range because the grip is on the smaller size allowing for a tighter hold and better aiming and pointing at the target. 

There is an internal safety mechanism inside the P320 so there is no safety of any kind on the outside of the gun that can sometimes catch on the draw. The safety mechanism for the gun is set up so that the striker cannot be released unless the trigger is pressed. The gun cannot fire if it is out of battery. If the magazine is not removed takedown is prohibited and the takedown is also prohibited without the slide locked to the rear.  Since this pistol is in the same style of a glock, it is a smooth experience. 

Overall, the gun is very light at about 26 ounces, which makes it excellent for concealed carry as it won’t weigh you down and become noticeable to other people. You can easily tote it around for protection or keep it in a safe place within your home. 

For the most part, the trigger is smooth, the body is sleek, and the entire design of the pistol makes having the Sig P320 subcompact a good choice for a weapon. The various safety features give you the confidence that you are protected from any kind of accident or mishap and your loved ones will also be safe when you have it around.

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