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What is safest holster for concealed carry

When owning and carrying a gun, having a safe holster for concealed carry is one of the most important things to consider. It is important to have a good and safe holster so that it prevents gun grab and discharge as well as being able to conceal well, all while providing quick and easy access. Not to mention it also needs to protect and hold the gun securely.

Gun safety is always a big subject and is regularly debated about in the news and media. Too many times we see people not being safe with their guns or not carrying or concealing them in a safe way. Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when buying a gun or anything to do with a gun. This is of course including your holsters, we don’t want to end up causing harm. Things can go wrong very quickly when guns are involved, so always be safe and use your common sense. The very popular four gun safety rules are things to remember, here is a quick reminder.

  • Know your target and what is beyond it
  • Do not point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
  • Treat every gun like it is loaded
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to fire

As the firearms industry is such a big and popular market, so are the types of holsters available. There is such a wide variety, it can sometimes be confusing where to begin when looking for a good quality and safe holster for concealed carry. Some holsters you will see are of good quality and unfortunately, some are not. You certainly will get what you pay for and this is important to consider, especially when safety is a key factor in your purchase. Working towards the budget that you’ve set aside for this purchase is something that will be important to you. But when looking for a holster but you also need to make sure it will last, is durable, and most importantly safe. Here are some things to look out for.

If you go for a cheaper holster which is perhaps more affordable sometimes the material that is supposed to cover the trigger doesn’t cover it all of the ways this can lead to accidental discharge which is very dangerous. So one thing to consider when looking for your new holster is to make sure that the trigger is covered all the way with the trigger guard; this will show you that it is a good quality holster and one you can rely on for safety. 

Another thing to consider is the type of material of the holster, as you will want it to be a good study material. Normally something like leather is the go-to or another good and popular choice is Kydex. When you want a holster that conceals your weapon there are a few different things that you need to consider which you may not have thought about before. So, things like your body type are ones that a lot of people forget about. As everyone has a different body type and different body shape, certain holsters may conceal for some people that may not for others so always try it out before you buy to make sure it is suited to you. You want to make sure your gun is very well concealed. The most popular way for people to carry it is appendix carry.

A gun holster for concealed carry is not only there to protect you but is also there to protect your gun. It needs to be well concealed so that someone cannot just grab it from you. It is protecting you and helping prevent very dangerous and fatal situations from arising. Also, retention is also an important thing to consider so that it doesn’t fall out of the holster. When you are shopping for your holster you want to make sure that you can place your firearm in the holster and turn it upside down and be able to do this without the gun falling back out. There are adjustable retention options on some holsters to prevent it from falling out so this is something to look out for when shopping for your concealed carry holster.

There are all different types of concealed carry holsters available. So, there is normally something to suit everyone. Some of the most popular ones are OWB, shoulder holsters, belly bands, ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and IWB. 

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