Gun Control Does Not Work In California

UPDATTE: Current death count is 12, j end update

FOX News a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

On the “good news” side, the shooter has been incapacitated,” Dead would save the State a lot of money, but leg irons willl do as long as the lead storm has stopped.

On the bad side of the story:…

The venue was the Borderland Bar in Thousand Oaks, Casia;toes are re[prted at 11.breakdown on killed or injured, one sheriff’s deputy was wounded and said to be “unresponsive” when loaded in a squad, and now you have. The site was the Borderland Bar, and the attraction was the Wednesday line dancing lesson.

FOOX News sseems to be doing a very good job of reporting the tragedy, and will no doubt have full coverage when officials. I will get

Otherwise, it is clear that California has no of restrictive gun laws,, amounting to some of the most restrictive laws in the industrialized world.

Examining those statistics shows very clearly that the Golden State had no need of restrictions on privately held guns when thse were imposed, and that each of those laws has driven up crime rates.

The chart below necessarily covers only only for some restrictive set of laws proves the same thing.

Obviously, the chart shows a positive response to new and ever more restrictive gun laws. While California’s demographic breakdown shows the State should have violent crime rates similar to the Dakota’s, based on demographic factors and crime rates among those factor.

Given that, and the microdata presented in the FBI Uniform Crime Rep[ort, which supports and amplifies the logical concclusion, only one cconcclusion can be drawn. case study to prove the point.


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