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Ashbury Precision 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt-Action Rifle

Whether you’re a hunter, long-range shooting enthusiast, competitor, or professional marksman, bolt-action rifles can be your favorite firearm due to their accuracy, power, and range. There are several firearm manufacturers that produce high-quality bolt-action rifles. One such company is Ashbury Precision. 

There are two bolt-action rifles manufactured by Ashbury Precision that are chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, which is one of the most popular calibers for long-range shooting.  

These models are the SABER M700 Precision Rifle and the Asymmetric Warrior (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle. 

Both models are loaded with features you’ll appreciate on your next trip to the range or on your hunting expedition.  

SABER M700 Precision Rifle 

The SABER M700 Precision Rifle features the Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled action, boasting ultimate accuracy and finished with a black phosphate coating to enhance corrosion resistance.  

The weapon has an Ashbury MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis, which is precision engineered specifically for the Remington 700 short-action receiver and exhibits a wide array of interesting and important features.  

The SABERM700 comes with a modular interoperable design that allows the owner to upgrade or reconstruct it with SABER chassis components and Magpul M-Lok accessories. It is ergonomically designed and has an advanced recoil reduction system. This allows men, women, and younger shooters to comfortably carry and shoot the rifle.   

This chassis, manufactured from high-strength aerograde alloys and advanced composite polymers, is coated with a MIL-SPEC 8625 black hard coat anodized finish to protect it from corrosion. The result is a high-quality chassis system that’s lightweight, low-maintenance, customizable, and so accurate that it doesn’t need glass bedding to enhance its accuracy. 

Fitted with a free-floating AR-styled aluminum handguard that features the Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment system, the MOE handgrip can be adjusted for distance and angle. 

Other features of this rifle include an externally adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger that has a crisp pull, a ⅝-24 threaded muzzle with a protective cap that can fit a muzzle brake or suppressor, a Magpul CTR shoulder stock with a folding double-locking hinge (as well as a limited lifetime warranty), and a Magpul ¾” cheek riser. 

SABER M700 Precision Rifle

Asymmetric Warrior (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle

The Asymmetric Warrior (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle is one of the best bolt-action rifles available, with reliable and exceptional performance as a long and ultra-long shooting system. These rifles have excellent downrange accuracy (less than ½ MOA 5-shot group performance) and can hit their mark even in harsh environments, especially because they’re unaffected by extreme temperatures. 

That makes this particular rifle model ideal for shooting enthusiasts, competitive shooters, and professional marksmen. 

These tactical rifles have been hand-built on SABER SX (Short), LX (Long), EX (Magnum), and VX (Super Magnum) octagonal bolt-action receivers that have a side bolt release. Both the receivers and bolts are coated in a black nitride finish that improves their resistance to both wear and corrosion. As a result, the receivers and bolts should smoothly operate in the field and remain corrosion-free for years of use. 

While having match-grade fluted and threaded barrels, these rifles also have an adjustable Tubb T7T two-stage trigger that has a light first stage and a crisp second stage with a clean break at 3 pounds. 

Unlike the SABER M700 Precision Rifle, the ASW Precision Tactical Rifle has an interlocking SABER-FORSST MOD-1 Carbon Fiber Series modular rifle chassis system (MRCS).  

This chassis has a Push Button Adjustable Hybrid (PBA-H) shoulder stock attached to it with a lockable folding hinge and that can be adjusted for length of pull, cheekpiece height, and vertical recoil pad replacement. The shoulder stock comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


Because the chassis also interlocks with the octagonal receiver, it reduces vibrations and enhances accuracy, eliminating the need for glass bedding. 

Another great feature of this chassis system is the Ergo Slimline conformable handgrip which can be adjusted for grip angle and grip-to-trigger distance. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber forend lessens heat mirage and has two relocatable MIL-STD-1913 side rails and a bottom accessory rail.  

With a patented 20/30/40 one-piece forward sloping proprietary monolithic rail, these models also can hold accessories like a day optic, thermal weapon sight, and an optical range enhancer. 

For those who want a customized look with their ASW Precision Tactical Rifle, there are different colors available for the cerakote ceramic coating. 

This model is a bit pricey among other rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Still, it’s well worth it due to the quality of the materials it’s manufactured from and a unique design with benefits that outstrip the competition. 

Final Thoughts 

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Signing off,

Remmy Williamson

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