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How Can I Learn To Shoot With Both Eyes Open?

Is it possible to shoot with both eyes open?

It may seem like a daunting task, but the truth is it’s possible to shoot with both eyes open. Under normal circumstances, people shoot with one eye closed so they can aim properly. Challenging as it may seem, shooting with both eyes open is an effortless thing to do.

Are you still skeptical? Let us find out!

Importance of Shooting with Your Eyes Open

Peripheral/Tunnel Vision

A tunnel vision is not ideal, especially if you are target shooting. It’s akin to driving with one eye closed. You might lose focus and end up causing an accident.

Therefore shooting with both eyes open helps you focus on your target, and also, you can take action or stop shooting because you will have a clear vision of what is happening.

Remember that the shooting glasses you choose should be capable of giving you a full view of your field while firing your gun.

You Get To See Your Target Fall

If, for example, you are out hunting and you’ve spotted your prey. It will be better to see your game fall, which is not possible when using one eye.

If you miss your target, it will be easy for you to see where your bullet landed.

A moving Target

To accurately aim your gun at the target, you need a full vision of the field. Remember, it’s a moving target, and so its speed may vary from time to time. Therefore you need both your eyes so your aim can be accurate. 

Also, with your eyes, open you will be able to see beyond your target. If any eventuality like another animal or human is coming into view, you should be in a better place to take the appropriate action.

Now to this point, you might be eager to learn how to shoot with both eyes open. Remember, the faster you learn, the better because you will be better positioned to adapt to changes that happen abruptly around you.

Finding the Next Target

With both eyes open, you can find your next target easily. This is important in scenarios whereby the targets are spread out. However, if you are using an optic, do not use your dominant eye to search for the target; use your non-dominant one.

Finding Balance

Shooting with one eye open can cause you to lose balance in most cases. Here is an appropriate example: 

Stand up with your arms out, one of your legs raised, and both of your eyes closed. Do you feel the room moving? Do you feel fearful? Now open your eyes one at a time; you will notice that you are more confident, and the fear is gone.

Why? Because you can see your surroundings and you are well balanced on your feet. The same applies in the incident of shooting with your eyes open. You should try it out and witness the results for yourself.

How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open

To quickly learn how to shoot with both eyes open during firearm training, you will have to start by doing what is known as the Dry Fire Practice. Dry firing is useful, especially if you have never shot with your eyes open.

You can get a dry fire kit and use it to aim at small targets around the house as you practice.

  • Ensure that your weapon is not loaded
  • Set two targets at least 10 feet apart
  • With all the firearms you have, now practice sighting the targets with both eyes open.
  • After this, you can now use a dummy round. It gives you a close to real feeling.

Seeing Double

You may be wondering if it is okay to see double when you shoot with both your eyes open. Yes, it’s a widespread occurrence, and it should not worry you.

As a beginner, you will see double and also slight alignments to your targets. Do not get worried. All you ought to do is stay focused on your front eye, and your dominant eye will take charge.

As your dominant eye takes over, your non-dominant eye will have no choice but to follow suit.

Practice with different types of guns so you can achieve a great balance.

They say practice makes perfect. You may be very nervous at first, but you will find it much easier shooting with your eyes open as you keep practicing. After seeing the importance of shooting with both eyes open, it’s only fair that you start the practice immediately.

It would be best to keep both eyes open to avoid shooting accidents and losses.

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