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Is Training Offhand Just As Valuable as Standard Training?

Unsurprisingly, people who fail to conduct firearm training often perform poorly in most gun shooting scenarios. Here are a few points to note:

  • You can train how to shoot as a recreational activity to improve your accuracy and precision.
  • It is essential to learn how to use different types of guns when training as each requires different precision.
  • You can enroll in different types of training, which depends on the guns available, the shooting distances, your targets, and extra time limits.
  • Gun shooting started as a sport among various countries such as Britain, the US, and others.

Firearm training is essential to teach you fundamental principles of how to use a gun. Doing so can help prevent accidents from occurring when using a weapon. You can accidentally injure yourself or anyone else around you.

When training, all you ought to do is find what works for you best and work on perfecting it. This involves figuring out what shooting method works for you. You can choose to stick to offhand shooting or standard shooting.

Offhand Shooting

Anyone who can perfect the art of offhand shooting can hit more targets and bring more trophies home. However, many people struggle to learn how to shoot offhand. Besides, most guns people use while training are a lot harder to shoot offhand.

Offhand shooting involves learning how to shoot from a standing position. It is more advantageous in that it puts you in a better position to aim and hit your target. 

Besides, mastering this technique can mean that you can shoot from any position you may want. For instance, you can stand, kneel or even sit and the results will still be the same.

But exactly how can a person shoot offhand? There are various factors to consider, which include:

Your Positioning

The most appropriate position to shoot offhand is the prone position. This involves lining up various body parts such as the spine in a supporting structure position. Your supporting body structure will absorb the recoil energy of shooting.

Ensure that the gun is steady but not so hard that it isn’t flexible enough to hit the target. The first shot you fire should result in hitting the target almost accurately.


The most appropriate distance should range from 100 yards. From there, you can adjust your scope, move the elevation up or down, and windage right or left. Most shooters prefer sightings that put them in a position to use a gun half inches high at 100 yards.

Physical Positioning

Offhand shooting involves having a semi-grip on the weapon and using the support hand to pull the stock back into the shoulder. Your support hand should be as far as possible if you want to fire accurately.

While others may prefer to kneel, standing is an excellent position to perfect offhand shooting. You should also ensure that you keep your legs a shoulder apart for maximum flexibility and rigidity. Your knees should be flexible enough to absorb the shock that comes from firing.


Other than standing, others may prefer to practice offhand shooting while kneeling. This position involves firing a gun with the firing side knee dropped on the ground. The other knee remains raised to provide maximum support and absorb firing shock.

Kneeling can provide a more stable position than standing; however, if you have a high body mass or aren’t flexible enough, you may have difficulty learning to shoot offhand while kneeling.

Standard Training

Basic firearm training aims at improving a person’s proficiency and efficiency in using particular weapons. The first thing a person has to do is learn the essential parts of a gin, including front sight, barrel, hand guard, sling spring, charging handle, bolt assembly, rubber recall pack, trigger guard, stock, grip, magazine, hammer, and many others.

Secondly, you will learn about available weights of magazines, the cycle operation, how to disassemble a gun, assemble it, maintenance, and many others.

You will learn how to promote safety while using a gun. If you don’t know how to clean a firearm thoroughly, then standard firearm training is what you need. In case of any damages, you can quickly fix the weapon without any struggles.

Standard training will also teach you the basic firearm laws and regulations that people in firearm possession must follow. You also learn how to stand, grip, and ensure you absorb all shock that comes from firing a gun.

In case of gun malfunctions, you will be better positioned to find the root of the problem and implement a solution. It aims at teaching you how to fire first shots.

If you want to learn basic shooting techniques, you should consider standard training. If you want to perfect how to accurately hit targets, you should choose offhand training.

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