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S & W J Frame

There is no other name more famous in the world of firearms than the Smith and Wesson revolver. From movies to television to novels, the Smith and Wesson is the standard of firearm ownership. Smith and Wesson is such a trusted brand that it has been in existence since 1856 and continues to be the top choice of enthusiasts for the past 165 years. Smith and Wesson continues to develop fine revolvers and the J Frame is no exception.

The S&W J Frame revolver has been designed by experts to have a better grip, better handling, and a smoother discharge with limited recoil so that you can fire multiple rounds without thinking that your weapon is going to jam or fail you. The J Frame was created and first designed in 1950 and it continues to be a top choice for those searching for a great revolver. The J Frame is smaller and easier to handle by those who need the confidence of a smaller weapon that will not be difficult to grip and hold as you point, aim, and shoot. With a small frame and lighter weight, the J Frame continues to be a great firearm to own and continues to be a high seller. 

What makes the J Frame so useful is that it is designed for concealed carry. It is made for protection. What’s phenomenal about revolvers is they are always guaranteed to fire. The chamber design ensures that your round will discharge every time you pull the trigger. With a rapid reload, you can continue to use your weapon as fast as you need to as often as your situation requires. 

The J Frame’s design also prevents the firearm from getting caught in pockets or holsters. It is easy to find and grip and pull from its place. Because it is small, it is great for those with smaller hands.

With its 1.875” barrel, the S & W J Frame shoots straight and shoots on point. With the limited recoil you will always hit your target and shoot on point every single time. With the frame being made of aluminum alloy, you can depend on the fact that the gun will handle nicely and feel great in your hand. Having that kind of feeling while handling the weapon is a game changer because the firearm will feel like an extension of yourself and you will be able to operate the piece without a second thought making your reaction time quicker and your eye sharper. 

With so many years of craftsmanship Smith & Wesson still remains at the pinnacle of firearm development. The J Frame has seven decades under its belt as the top choice of revolver enthusiasts with a design and history that is dependable and guaranteed to be almost fail proof. That kind of confidence and that kind of peace of mind is hard to find, but you can find it with the S & W J Frame that has been a solid name for generations. 

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