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Savage 110

For the hunter, the Savage 110 Ultralight rifle is an improvement on most hunting rifles. With various new design features, the rifle improves accuracy no matter what game you are hunting or if you are improving your accuracy through practice. Most hunting rifles come standard based on the height and build of your average hunter. With so many different body types out there it was almost impossible for some hunters to find a gun that was the perfect fit. The Savage 110 is changing that with a system that allows you to adjust the entire rifle to suit your needs. 

Savage uses the AccuFit system on their rifles, which allows you to adjust the comb height and the LOP so that you can align your eye perfectly. This ability to adjust all the features of the rifle also allows you to properly fit your cheek weld so that you can be the most stable and sturdy as you need to be while you are on the hunt. You won’t have to twist or bend your neck to get in proper position, which can scare off your game as you keep moving around in order to line up the perfect shot. 

Savage also makes it easier to customize the rest of the rifle. When buying new rifles there always need to be some adjustments made in order to customize the piece to your needs. Savage has designed the rifle so that you can disassemble and reassemble the firearm with just a screwdriver. You won’t need to pull out any special tools to get everything where you need it to be so that you can start using the piece immediately. 

To make the 110 ultralight, the makers at Savage Arms have cut and trimmed the design of the rifle in every way they could in order to drop the weight below six pounds and make the rifle as light as possible. The stainless steel body has been trimmed in several places giving the firearm a super sleek and light look that makes this a revolutionary rifle. 

The barrel is carbon fiber reducing even more weight, but it also is more efficient and dissipates heat really fast. 

The grips of the rifle are also remarkable with black polymer on the grip and fore-end. The soft touch allows for a better hold when you are positioning yourself behind the rifle. It is much easier to get into a comfortable position and various positions as you move around and change angles to get your prey in your sightline. 

The overall use of the Savage 110 is super simple. There aren’t a lot of controls or tools to worry about as you set yourself up. Everything is located basically where you would expect it and need it, allowing for you to make quick choices and decisions while you are hunting. Everything is well within your reach while you are holding the rifle, so you won’t have to make too many movements while you are being quiet. 

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