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Top New Gun Accessories for 2021

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who racks up top marks at the range every time, or you’re a novice shooter, you may be looking for new investments in 2021. While articles and features tend to focus on the latest guns to make a splash in the market, accessories can impact your experience and enhance safety, comfort and enjoyment. In this guide, we’ll explore the top new gun accessories available to buy today. 

Accessories to add to your collection in 2021

If you’re on the lookout for new kit, or you’re a fan of gadgets and gizmos for your firearms, you may be interested in these acquisitions:

Arbor Arms Good ‘Nuff Gun Belt

Every shooter, regardless of their level of experience or ability, can benefit from having a smart, functional, versatile gun belt. This gun belt is suitable for training exercises, as well as shooting at the range and it has plenty of space for storing guns and ammunition. A gun belt should serve practical purposes, which this one certainly does, but some buyers will also want to cross the style box. This gun belt is sleek and streamlined. 

BlackHeart Max Sling Line

This innovative new sling from BlackHeart offers an array of benefits. There is plenty of space to store ammunition, your rangefinder and any other accessories you want to to take with you and the sling has a non-slip pad and a neoprene scope cover. With this sling, you can carry firearms comfortably and safely, while optimizing performance and ensuring you have everything you need with you in the handy accessories pouch. 

CMC Triggers KRAGOS Glock Aftermarket Slide

CMC has pitched this new slide as a robust but aesthetically-pleasing accessory, which is both sleek and discreet. Named after a Greek god, Kragos, who was hailed as the god of victory and strength, this slide aims to enhance performance and accuracy, while also providing reliability and the ability to conceal the firearm quickly and easily. 

Fang Shooting Stabilizer

Shooting stabilizers facilitate comfort and accuracy when adopting different positions, allowing shooters to benefit from different angles and a versatile range of locations and body positions. The Fang shooting stabilizer is light-weight and it is rail-mounted, making it easy to move and relocate to find the prime position. This stabilizer can be used on an array of surfaces to provide a steady, secure, even base for the gun. As the shooter applies pressure, the stabilizer bites the base for enhanced stability. It can also be used as a strike face or a small bi-pod. 

Gentry Custom Quiet Muzzle Brake

A new release from Gentry Custom, this quiet muzzle brake lowers recoil dramatically (up to 85%) while directing gas and noise away from the individual while shooting. Installing a muzzle reduces noise and creates a more pleasant shooting environment without impacting upon power or accuracy. This muzzle also boasts a muzzle jump feature, which facilitates rapid follow-up shooting. 

Nightstick Dedicated Long-Gun Lighting Kit

Designed for firearms owners who shoot in all conditions, the Nightstick dedicated long-gun lighting kit enhances safety and provides high-performance lighting for night shooting. Nightstick offers an array of weapon light options. This particular kit is considered the standout product for shooting in low light and it could be a popular option for those who have undertaken advanced firearm training. 

Tardigrade Tactical DAGR Multi-Purpose Pouch

Storage plays an important role in facilitating swift, seamless shooting. For those who don’t want to travel around with bulky bags or wear a heavy belt, the Tardigrade tactical DAGR multi-purpose pouch represents a fantastic investment. This compact, versatile pouch provides space for a range of different magazines, enabling you to enjoy quick and easy access to the magazine and travel light. 

What to look for when buying gun accessories

If you’re shopping for gun accessories, it’s always beneficial to think about how, where and when you use firearms and to seek out solutions for problems you may have encountered in the past or gadgets that will enhance your shooting experience. Read user reviews, compare products and prices and base your decisions on your personal preferences and requirements. It’s always a good idea to buy from reputable, recognized brands and reliable retailers. 


Many people take an interest in buying new guns, but looking for accessories can be equally exciting. Innovations and inventions are coming onto the market all the time and there are opportunities to buy everything from slings and gun belts to stabilizers. Check out this list of our top gun accessories for 2021 to get ideas and inspiration for your next purchase. 

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