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Weapons used by the US Marine Corp

The US Marine Corps has used an extensive list of weaponry, lethal and non-lethal, for the past century. With many guns from the 1960s still in use in the USMC circle, only in the past 5 years have more modern weapons been adopted. Indeed, many weapons first designed in the mid-century are still incredibly popular amongst Marine Combat units, and the US Marine Corp is slowly changing. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our top picks amongst their arsenal: 

  1. Beretta M9A1 Pistol

A gun that was specially designed for the US Marine Corp, this Beretta pistol is the most up to date gun the Marines have on their roster. Made to be just as usable as the M9 model, it has a heavier grip, with a larger magazine that’s resistant to sand clogging. Available in both single and double action, and being easy to accessorise, every Marine who is issued the M9A1 can adjust it to suit their needs. Made on military contracts alone, these pistols can be hard to find and purchase by civilians. 

  1. M4A1 Carbine

In use since 1994, and made to look and feel just like its older model the M4, this gun was designed for the US Marine Corp’s speciality purposes. Instead of shooting in bursts like its predecessor, the M4A1 has full automatic capability. It’s also lighter than the similar M16A4 rifle, also currently in use by US Marines, and the trigger is known to be much easier to use. The rifle is also able to shoot in both semi automatic and fully automatic modes, allowing for greater versatility in combat zones. 

  1. M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle

Used by the US Marine Corp since about 2011, this rifle has slowly replaced both the widely popular M4 and SAW model guns. Generally well received by all combat units, the M27 rifle has a stronger accuracy, compared to its predecessors, as well as having a much further range, allowing units to be stationed a safer distance from any target. The M27 also boasts a lightweight magazine, and its design is based on a similar German model gun, the HK416 rifle. Great for maneuvering in combat zones, the M27 is an infantry staple. 

  1. M240 Machine Gun

Often known simply as ‘The Machine Gun’, the M240 has long been in use by the US Marine Corp, first adopted in the 1970s. A reliable weapon, it is able to shoot across long distances of over 2 miles (2.31 miles average), and its name is often used as an umbrella term for a variety of US used machine guns. Boasting a fast cycle rate, much faster than its sister gun the M60, the M240 can shoot between 750-950 rpm. Belt fed and gas operated, the M240 is a type of GPMG. 

  1. Mk13 Mod 7 Sniper Rifle

Purchased by the US Marine Corp to replace the M40 in 2018, this rifle has a firing range of over 1000 years, making it one of the most strategic and effective weapons on this list. Technically in service since 2001, this rifle has been mainly used for training purposes ever since then, and is currently being adopted by Scouts, as well as by Recon Marines in combat zones. The Mk13 Mod 7 is adapted to fire 7.62×51 millimeter, and this rifle is said to be one of the most lethal distance weapons currently available to the US Marines. 

  1. M203A2 Grenade Launcher

Currently in use by the US Marine Corp, whereas the US Army tends to use the M320 thanks to its more modern design, the M203A2 is made to be attached to regular rifle barrels. Being phased out of use in multiple circles, thanks to its first battlefield application being in 1969, this grenade launcher is often considered to be old yet reliable. It’s a versatile rifle attachment, and can be used alongside multiple current combat ready weapons, however the sight may need to be adjusted depending on use, rifle type, and user. 

  1. M107 Special Application Scoped Rifle

A 50 caliber sniper rifle, widely used by the US Marine Corp, the M107 lives up to its name. Being capable of firing over very long distances (up to 2000 meters), this rifle has the longest range amongst any and all similar weapons currently in the USMC arsenal. Semi auto in nature with an attached box magazine, it’s incredibly adaptable to purpose, and can be easily used by any trained military personnel. A well stabilized barrel allows it to be a versatile and precise combat weapon. 

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