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What would be the best way to help a wife or girlfriend to start training with guns?

If you love your guns and you love your girl, then chances are, you’d like to help them get started on their journey to training with guns. Helping them with their firearm training and instilling your love of guns in them could potentially be a life saver. There are a number of ways you can help to pique her interest and begin training – read on for some ideas. 

Make Her First Experience Awesome

The first thing you need to do is make her first experience awesome – this doesn’t mean giving her the most powerful gun and letting her go to town! Maybe it’ll give you a laugh or two, but it will probably upset her and could spell the end of your firearm training dates. 

Do everything you can to prevent a bad first experience. If she’s never fired a weapon in her life, you need to tread carefully and make this a fairly gentle experience. Poor gun selection is one of the main reasons for a bad first experience. Handing her your subcompact will likely make her want to avoid guns like the plague in future. Those guns are great for somebody with experience, but not for your girl just yet. A full size 9mm such as a .22 long rifle can make a first time great. 

Make sure she’s properly prepared for the initial experience, too. If it’s going to be loud on the range, make sure she knows that and ensure she knows what atmosphere to expect. Don’t leave out any detail that she might find important, and don’t assume she should know something already. You’ll want to cover as much as you can before you arrive at the range due to the noise, so keep this in mind. 

Be Safe

Safety is paramount, especially on a first time shooting date. She needs to know the basic rules of gun safety, and you need to demonstrate them to her religiously, too. These are the four basic rules that you need to help her learn:

  • Guns should always be loaded.
  • Never let the muzzle cover anything that you don’t want to kill or ruin. 
  • Fingers stay off the trigger until your sights are on your target. 
  • Always know your target and what is beyond it. 

Using quality safety gear will make all the difference to her first experiences, too.

Make It A Guaranteed Success

When you give your girl as much detail as you can about the coming experience, make sure you use the right gun, and ensure you’re safe as houses, you’re almost guaranteed success. There are a few more things that make this a sure thing. For instance, using a large, short range target ensures she’s going to make that hit and that she’s going to get that huge rush of endorphins that come with it. 

Don’t forget to take it slow, and make her feel good about herself, too. Don’t get annoyed with her, roll your eyes, or do anything to make her feel inadequate. Guns should make you feel like a badass, so support her as much as you can! 

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