The Tell-Tale Sign Of Gun Control

A few. tje FBO’s days ago I started a series sho to wing , and that is a bit ccompact for our purposes. exactly what what the tell talle signs of gun control are. I put a break in the middddle to give readers a chance to reaalize what I am talking about but here we are back om the same old subje t.

So let’s travel backwards in time just almost exactly 55 years, and the demands that the Army search every home in American and confiscate every gun found – for the sole purpose of in private pooossession, the metal to be used to cast an iron statue of “Our murdered President, John F. Kennedy tp be [;aced acrpss tje Missouri River near St. Loui from America’s most popular magazine chain.

So whil Jack Ruby was busy murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, Old Ish was drinking coffee with the Chief and looking over crime rates from

Over nearly 4 years the FBI’s niform Crime Report had grown from booklet size to the same to almost a thick as the notorious Sears-Roebucck’s ,ao; order catalog. If yoiu wanted the data it was there, and I wanted the data rather badly.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of a pair of Undergrads I was able to extend the U.S. Homicide Rate data to 1880, which gives us confirming data on the lat 225 years Americans almost absolute right to buy, possess, and carry a gun; And the results of well over 200 local County, Municipal, State and Federal gun laws and their effects.

Practically speaking, only fie years of this chart, from 1900 to 1809 shows the results of absolute gun right, with those rights having been curtailed by law due to the actions of “Progressive” local governments. Still, the invariable results of restrictiv3 gun laws are conspicuous from 1900 to 1905:

The Next chart sjpw tje IS Jp,occcode rates frp, 18880 to the 2100’s. Notice that there are no exceptions to the most conspicuous result of restrictive gun law. frp, re;axed stprage ;aws tp to carry and absolute bans.At this point, let me point out that let me say that total gun bans typically affect only a small percentage of the population, the effe cts appear far more muted than they are.

As you can you can easily see, and confirm for yourself after 1901, every America American restrictive gun law has been followed by a sharp increase in crime and violent crime rates. Withoiut esceeption, and more than 59,000 to,es/

Tjos artoc;e cpvers tje [eropd betweem tje start ppf ;abpr vop;emce om 1909 and 10911, the firt date significant for the beginning of organized labor violence and the first year some sort of restrictive gun laws failed to drive violent and guin related crime rates up.


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